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  1. We use the QT Pro - Low Stock report to help us reorder stock and think it's great! We would like to somehow include the model number of our products next to the product name in our Low Stock Report. Can this be possible?
  2. northerndreamer

    Undefined class name 'paypal_osc'

    Problem was fixed with a fresh install of the contribution. Probably my fault somewhere along the way. LOL
  3. Greetings, Working out v2.9 and getting fatal error at checkout_success. Everything before PayPal checkout and the redirect seems to work fine. Fatal error: Undefined class name 'paypal_osc' in /home/virtual/site345/fst/var/www/html/oscommerce/checkout_success.php on line 32 Maybe something is not defined right? Thanks for any help with this error.