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  1. JamesB

    LiveSupport v1.2c

    another time where i sit and stare at the screen and realize what was wrong! god i love this forum!!!! :lol:
  2. For some reason when I go to receive the LiveSupport call placed by a customer it says that the user has left the conversation and yet they haven't...so the script automatically closes the LiveSupport window on my end...but the customer can still see the LiveSupport window on their end. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. JamesB

    Credit Class and GV Contrib 4.2

    nevermind...i wasn't paying attention...a few beers and i found out what my deal was!
  4. I don't know if i am missing something but I think that I am...shouldn't there be a new payment module now to allow use of the gift vouchers? I might be mistaken but am not sure...someone please let me know!