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  1. Dennis, You did a great job with this Contributions and I just wanted to thanks you for all your time you have invested in this Contribution :) It's people like you that make the open source community so great! Ok so I un-installed this contribution (Wishlist 3.5d) and tried again and I still am getting the same result. The result is that when a product is purchased from the wish list it does not get removed from the wish list. If anyone wants to see for themselves you can view mine: Couple of things that I should mention. 1) I do have Ultimate SEO URLs by Chemo installed maybe that is why it is not working correctly. Does anyone know if that would conflict. 2) In firefox wishlist_public.php worked but in IE and Safari when I hit "Add TO Cart" I would go to an 405 Error saying the "Post Method was Not Allowed" I read in another forum to change this line: if(!isset($_GET['public_id'])) { to this line: if(!isset($_GET['public_id']) && !isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['add_wishprod'])) { After doing that the 405 Error went away Now that works :) 3) Once I made the above change wishlist_public.php it made the wishlist_public.php in the apple Safari browser display this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/littleba/public_html/includes/column_right.php on line 15 What is weird is that non of my other browsers did this. So I went ahead and commented out the code in column_right.php so I don't have to see the error. So now the only problem I am having is getting the product to remove from the wishlist once it is purchased. -Brian
  2. I just installed Wishlist 3.5d and I thought everything is working correctly. The only questions I have is when someone buys a product from the wishlist is it suppose to be removed? Right now everything works with no errors - It's just when someone buys something it does not get removed from the list. Did I not insall it correctly ?
  3. Jack, Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. java script:emoticon(':thumbsup:', 'smid_16') I did upgrade from ver 2.5.5 to 2.5.7/9 about two weeks ago. Could it be possable that I I missed something during the upgrade. The biggest problem I had with the upgrade was the lack of instruction in the Update_Doc. I downloaded version 2.5.9 and the last update file that was "Update_from_V_2.5.6_to_V_2.5.7.txt." So does that mean I am actually running 2.5.7 or 2.5.9? For my update I followed all the instructions very carefully. I did not install the French header_tags_controller.php or header_tags_popup_help.php but I don't think that matters. Also when I did the update I only added Update_header_manufacturers.sql. Was I suppose to add the Update_header_categories.sql, Update_header_categories_description.sql, and Update_header_language.sql? The Update_Doc's mentioned nothing about updating any sql files. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks, -Brian
  4. It is failing on all my products. It's like the Default Title, Default Descriptions, and Default Keyword(s) in admin->Header Tags->Text Control is overriding all the Tags that I added on the product and category pages in the admin under Catalog. What doesn't make since is that I have this contribution installed on three other sites and they all work fine. The only thing that is different between the sites is the Clear All Tags button was pressed deleting all the titles, descriptions, and keywords for 1,800 products. I do have a mysql backup from before the tags were deleted and restored it but that did not help. I'm over the fact that I can not get the old titles/keywords back. So I have now used the Fill All Tags and generated new tags. These new generated tags appear in Admin portion of the website catalog. But they do not show up on the website. The only thing that appears is the Default Title, Default Descriptions, and Default Keyword(s) in admin->Header Tags->Text Control for every single page. Really I do not even want to use the Header Tags Portion of the Admin. I just want to add my page titles, descriptions, and keywords on the same page that I add my products and categories (admin/categories.php) So there is now way to turn off the defaults that are in Text Control and have this info pulled from the catalog pages?
  5. Some how my "Products Page Title" is not working. Here is the problem I am having. I type in what I want for the Products Page Title in admin/categories.php?cPath=21_52&pID=637&action=new_product, Now this should become my Product Page Tile. But the title that appears is the "Default Title" in header_tags_english.php Does anyone know how to fix this? I only want the Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords to be pulled from product pages that I created via admin/categories.php?cPath=21_52&pID=637&action=new_product Everything was working before, but the "Clear all tags" radio buttons were pressed in admin/header_tags_fill_tags.php Thanks for your time.
  6. Does anyone know how to turn off the Header Tags Controller in the Admin along with Text Control and Fill Tags. One of the employees accidentally hit the "Clear all tags" on the Fill Tags page and it erased all the below Tags that I manually put in when I added the product and categories: Header Tags Category Title Header Tags Category Description Header Tags Category Keywords
  7. Tomjmul, Thanks so much. This was one of those little things that was bugging me for over a year. What I found is that if I set it to 93 it is equivalent to the adobe photoshop "save for web at 72 quality" which is how I save all my jpegs. My images look so much better. :thumbsup: imagejpeg($tmp_img, '', 93);
  8. I installed this mod on a couple of sites and it works great. The only thing that bothers me is the images that are auto generated are very poor quality, they look very pixelated and not nearly as clear as the original larger image. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it something to do with GD or the contribution? You can see what I mean about the quality issue if you look at my website.
  9. Scranmer, The discount does work, I just dont like the red box. How would I remove the red box on checkout_payment.php? Also why does it say "error" in the URL is this normal or did I configure it wrong? checkout_payment.php?payment_error=ot_coupon&error=Congratulations%2C+you+have+redeemed+ Thanks ;-)
  10. I was really worried about installing this contribution on my heavily mod'd shopping cart. I'm still very new to PHP and no nothing about SQL but as long as you follow the directions and go slow you will be fine. I thought it would take at least six hours to install and I did it in a hour and a half. This is really a great contribution. The only problem I am having is on the checkout payment page. When I enter the Redeem Code and click on the Redeem button it clears out the credit card info that I just entered. Also there is a red box at the top of the page that says nothing, above the red box it does say Coupon Redemption. Should the red box say something in there like, "Coupon Redeemed?" The red box appears to be a error box but the coupon/voucher code works fine and I am able to check out. Other than that it works great. Anyone have a similar problem with the credit card info being erased or having a red box at the top of the payment checkout page?
  11. I just installed Recover Cart Sales and it looks like it is working ;-) The only problem I came across was with adding the rcs_install.sql. When I added it in php admin I got the below error, did I do something wrong? My cart seems to still be working. SQL query: CREATE TABLE `scart` ( `scartid` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT UNIQUE , `customers_id` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL UNIQUE , `dateadded` VARCHAR( 8 ) NOT NULL , `datemodified` VARCHAR( 8 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `scartid` ) ) MySQL said: Documentation #1050 - Table 'scart' already exists [ Back ] I'm still really new at understanding SQL so I apologize if this is a stupid question.
  12. I was never able to figure this out with for the Mama Maternity website. However I have my own personal website hosted at Aplus and my year of hosting is up with them. So I want to switch hosts. I don't know if you are allowed to recommend any other host. I?ve looked at Pair Networks and they have an Advanced Plan for $17.95 a month. I?m guessing I can run OsCommerce on this plan, correct? I?m fine with being on a shared server and using a shared certificate. I only have two requirements: 1) That I can run Ultimate SEO URLs - by Chemo. 2) That I can run two shopping carts on the server. This plan says it has 5 mysql databases so would I be able to run two installations of OsCommerce one for my retail website in the index directory and another for wholesale in a directory called wholesale? 3) Last that I can run GD Library so I can us Auto Thumbnailer. So does anyone use the Ultimate SEO URLs and 'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer contributions on Pair Networks? Once again thanks Bobby and Chris for all your time helping with my issue.
  13. I tried adding "Options + Indexes" and that did not work. I also called aplus and got the runaround from their support department, which is very difficult to work with since their support is oversees and there is a language barrier. They told me it?s my problem and for me to figure it out. I would cancel the service with aplus but I would have to go through my boss and I?m scarred of her. I guess if there is nothing to do to fix this I will just have to save this mod until the contract with aplus expires ☹ Thanks Bobby and Chris for taking the time to respond to my question.
  14. I installed this mod about a month ago and I thought I had it working correctly. The rewrite was working fine and I was so excited ? Thanks Chemo :-). But then I went to purchase a product I got a Forbidden Error. So I had to disable SEO URLs in the Admin since the site is live and has customers. Here is the breakdown. The website is hosted on a shared server at Aplus. I don?t own a SSL certificate, so I use the shared one that comes with the shared server. Here is my site, Ultimate SEO URLs works fine on it when I have it turned on with the rewrite But when a customer goes to login or checkout, they get redirected to the secure site Now when I have the Ultimate SEO URLs on with Rewrite I get the below error page on checkout Forbidden You don't have permission to access /mamamaternity/checkout_shipping.php on this server. You may need to create an index.html page or enable the directory browsing by creating an htaccess file containing "Options +Indexes". I apologize if this is a simple fix, I?m new to .htaccess and spent several days looking in to this. Aplus?s support didn?t really help, they told me Rewrite does not work on their system and that there was no reason for me to need to use it. Though it does work because the products come up fine with the .html extension. Would I need to have a second .htaccess file for the secure server? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I'm having the same problem on two stores I just added this to . I am using a shared server for booth of the sites. Everything works fine except for when I go to check out. I am using a shared ssl I'm guessing I have to add something to the .htaccess file I just do not know what. Any Ideas?