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  1. I found out just by going to the site. The whole site is there just for throwaway email addresses. Once I scrolled back through some of the messages, I realized that they were hitting a lot of sites.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to install ipn, but my version of osc became obsolete right after I went live with it and ipn supposedly only works with MS2. Once osc changed the core code, most updates/mods became useless to me. Ed
  3. I received a large order a couple of days ago and the payment method was paypal. When I checked paypal, there was no payment, yet the order completed as if the payment was made. The email address of the person ordering was suspicious, so I checked the site: The email address of the person ordering was . If you filter the listing of emails on to show only mail that is going to, you will see that they've placed orders in dozens of osc stores for large ticket items using paypal as the payment method. You can also see that some store owners have replied saying "we have your order but something is wrong with the payment". Other store owners seem to be oblivious to the fraud and are going to ship the orders?!?!?!?!?!? Here are links to a couple of pages of emails coming in to that site which show osc order emails: Load the above page and then keep clicking on "20 older emails" to see more fraud activity. On this page: a couple of dealers are responding telling the fraudster that they didn't receive his payment. All of the orders I've seen go to Andrew Weevilo in Richmond Virginia. Has anyone else experienced this? Ed
  4. I'd also like to see a Google checkout module. I'm using a pre-MS2 version of osc from 2003, so hopefully there will be versions available for long-time osc users. Ed
  5. Valid cards are being rejected. To check this, I had a customer give me their info because they were unable to check out. I tried to check them out but got the invalid card message. I then went to authorizenet and manually entered the transaction in the virtual terminal. The card was accepted. The card was a 16 digit visa beginning with 4625. Ed
  6. I would be very interested in this. I have an osc store in NYS, and the tax is a nightmare. Ed
  7. Yes, that is an issue. For now I'd rather risk the extra cost in order not to lose a sale, but it would be much better to have the correct info in the validation check. Thanks, Ed
  8. I want to change the listing of products on the packing slip so that they are ordered by stock (model) number. My warehouse is ordered by stock number, and I'd like to be able to pick orders by making a single pass through the aisles. Currently the items seem to be listed in reverse order that they are placed in the cart, so I'm all over the warehouse when picking. Can anyone help with changing packingslip.php to sort the way I want it? thanks, Ed
  9. Hi, I've been having a problem with valid cards being rejected during the pre-validation for some time also. I just had the problem with a visa card, and the customer gave me their info to process manually. I entered the info manually through authorizenet and the card was accepted without a problem, so the pre-validation procedure is definitely where problem is happening. For now, I've disabled the number validation by commenting out the return code in the first part of the validation function: // return -1; I then tried to enter the previously-rejected card, and it accepted it without a problem. I'm not sure what the implication is of sending a bad card number to authorizenet, I guess I'll find out if it happens. I'm also not sure what other security pitfall this might introduce, so I'm not recommending this as a permanent solution. Is there any updated card number validation algorithm available? thanks, Ed