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  1. I have installed the information box by calman. I have loaded the sql files included in the zip. When I go to my admin/information box and click on any of the listings I get this error. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '?osCAdminID=7016d804ab5e73dc7cc24b2d9793d0b8' at line 1 The listings are shipping and returns, privacy policy, contact us, about us, and conditions of use. I know nothing about how to fix this. Can anybody help me?
  2. moonbeam

    Credit Class & Gift Voucher

    Try admin/includes/filenames.php. Good Luck, Moon
  3. moonbeam

    No right click security

    Look at this contribution, HERE. Have fun, Moon
  4. Did you see this one? Here Good Luck, Moon
  5. Hello, I have just installed WYSIWYG html area. Funny, I don't get any errors but when I look in admin at a product, I don't get a new html area. I get two regular (normal) text editing areas. One before the header tags controller and one after? This can't be right, at least it's not what the screen shot shows. Has anyone had problems getting WYSIWYG and the Header tags controller to work together? Topic 178120...I can't find it. Has it been removed from the forum?
  6. moonbeam

    USPS Labels not working

    Craig, I have the same problem. I get it to work by clicking usps label shipping button. Then I sign in too my usps account. Now, here is where you lose all your customer info. Minimize that window and click on usps label shipping button again. The page will open again with the customer info and you will be signed in! Now you will be able to complete the process. This works for me I hope it works for you... Moon
  7. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    You know, I did get your new version loaded. However it didn't fix my problem. So I ended up reverting back to the original because I had previously made some progress with it. Featured products is where I got the idea. At anyrate it's good to go now! Thanks for your hard work, this contribution is one I have wanted for a very long time. Always greatful, Moon
  8. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Got it sorted... In product_specials.php I added this at line 36: new contentBoxHeading($info_box_contents); right after this: $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('text' => '<a href="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_SPECIALS).'" class="links">'.sprintf(TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCT_SPECIALS, strftime('%B')).'</a>' ); Works great! Moon
  9. Can you help to unlock the mystery behind the great template debate? I would like to implement a template system, I just don't know which to chose I am looking for the pro's and con's of the STS and BTS template systems. Which of the two do you think is the better and why? I would like to see demo's or samples or working stores of both systems in action. Can someone point me in the right direction? Always greatful, Moon
  10. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Ok I have done everything this post instructs. I still have no "Specials" title on the box!!?? Anymore ideas? Thanks Moon
  11. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Cool, I will give it a go tonight. Thank you very much! Moon
  12. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Hmmm, The line is in the english file just as instructed. I even reuploaded the file. Still nothing!!!!???? Any other ideas? Moon
  13. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Thanks for the reply. No, I put it in there. I will go check to be sure, but I checked many times last night. Thanks Moon
  14. moonbeam

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Cool module, really easy to install and manipulate, thanks for your hard work! One small problem, the box shows fine and works great except for their is no title on the box. Shouldn't it say "Specials" at the top as a clickable link to specials? For some reason mine does not... Any ideas?? Always greatful... Moon
  15. moonbeam

    fast easy checkout

    Nana Thanks for your reply. I will let you know how it works...... Moon
  16. moonbeam

    fast easy checkout

    I am interested in this contribution and was just wondering of its compatability with certain other contributions. I would appreciate any feed back of known bugs or conflicts with the following. 1. Giftwrap 2. Purchase without Account 3. Credit class Gift voucher Always greatful, Moon
  17. Hey all... My checkout payment page does not show the "Congratulations you have redemed message." Everything works fine, the coupons pass, it's just a problem of the customer not getting this message for confirmation. The only thing it displays is the words "Coupon Redemption". I have used the checkout_payment.php from the contribution. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Always greatful, Moon
  18. moonbeam

    Coming Soon Mod?

    You have this feature in the stock osCommerce. It's called products expected. Find it in Admin/Catalog/Products Expected. Have fun! Moon
  19. For those of you wondering if you need this contribution.....Yes, you do. This is an absolute must. The install couldn't be easier and the information it provides is a tremendous asset to any shop. This one ranks in my top ten must have contributions. Thanks to Mark Stevens for all his hard work and excellent support. Moon
  20. I have been searching for days. I need a contribution that shows a product image, a short product description with a read more link and a buy now button. I see many sites like this I just can't figure out how it's done. I tried star product but it only allows one product and besides that it's kind of klunky. Anyone have an ideas? Always greatful, Moon
  21. moonbeam

    Which contribution does this...

    Thanks that will work! moon
  22. moonbeam

    Browse by Categories

    Has this (or will this) ever come about? I am particularly interested in the Parent Catagory Link. I have this contribution installed and really like it, but I currently have it turned off because of the difficulty in navigation. Any help or advise would be appreciated. Thanks, Moon
  23. moonbeam

    Infobox Skin Manager

    Give us a link so we can look, Maybe then we can offer some advise. Moon
  24. Sure I will try, First I add a new page faq.php only for testing purposes to delete In Admin>page control>delete a new page I choose faq.php and hit update. Then I check the catalog online and find all the weird code on the pages...all of them. Jack this happens on any page I try to remove. I also noticed when I try to add a new page the new listing in Admin>text control. The new listing robs information from other listings. When I look at the source code here is an example of links and print catalog. I just added print catalog and it stole the keywords tag from links: // links.phpdefine('HTTA_LINKS_ON','0'); define('HTDA_LINKS_ON','0'); define('HTKA_LINKS_ON','0'); define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_LINKS','Good Time Novelties: Our Favorite Web Links'); define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_LINKS','Source for great web links to other great web sites'); // print_catalog.php define('HTTA_PRINT_CATALOG_ON','0'); define('HTDA_PRINT_CATALOG_ON','0'); define('HTKA_PRINT_CATALOG_ON','0'); define('HEAD_TITLE_TAG_PRINT_CATALOG','Good Time Novelties: Print our online Catalog'); define('HEAD_DESC_TAG_PRINT_CATALOG','Printable version of Good Time Novelties online catalog.'); define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_PRINT_CATALOG','Good Time Novelties,web links,good,time,novelty'); define('HEAD_KEY_TAG_LINKS','Good Time Novelties,web links,good,time,novelty');[code]