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  1. iamcanadian

    Admin report: Monthly Sales & Tax

    How are Gross Sales calculated? I thought it would be Product Sales + Tax, but things do not add up. What exactly are exampt sales and taxable sales? Are exempt sales supposed to be a negative #? Here are my values: Gross Income 39,037.32 Product sales 33,816.62 Exempt sales -15,571.38 Taxable sales 49,388.00 Tax paid 2,607.24 Shpg & Hndlg 5,689.63 Gift Vouchers 1,701.47
  2. iamcanadian

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Mine quit working on me too as of the 25th.... I send a test and this is what I get : Error: no $paypal_response received
  3. Having the same problem here as well, except the negative # I am getting is the total of the tax :huh: Sub-Total: $11.27 Canada Post (1 x 0.12kgs) (Regular, 2005-01-14): $7.96 7.0% GST: $0.79 Shipping 7% GST: $0.56 Coupons:xxxxx: $20.58 Total: $-1.35
  4. iamcanadian

    EZier New Fields

    I am having problems with the Customers Discount and percentages showing up.. this is what I get when a Customers Discount is enabled: List Price: $0.95 Your Price: $0.90 You Save: 5% When i should get: List Price: $1.00 Our Price: $0.95 Your Discounted Price: $0.90 You Save: 5% (which I think should really be 10% off of the retail price)
  5. GOOD NEWS: After more testing I realize that the actual value of the GV is credited, so the credit would only be $4.25 - no double discount. :thumbsup: BAD NEWS: Can be confusing for customers when they think they are buying $5 in GV, when actually it's only 4.25. Maybe I'll just make a 4 gift vouchers that = $1 for each discount level (although this will most likely look very unprofessional). You see, the way way Customer Discounts work is the price is discounted in the store, not at the checkout. I'll live with it for now I guess :D
  6. I am using the Customer Discount mod and would like to have the option to exclude Gift Vouchers from any type of discount as well. A $5.00 Gift Voucher ends up being a $4.25 Gift Voucher with the 15% Customer Discount. Is this possible to exclude the purchase of Gift Vouchers from special discounts?
  7. iamcanadian

    gift voucher errors

    Same problem here too
  8. iamcanadian

    Problem with Paypal IPN and gift vouchers

    I guess no one has had this happen in the past?????
  9. I believe I am using :: OSC 2.2 MS1 Paypal IPN 0.97 A customer recently tried to checkout through my store using a Gift Voucher. The total amount was as follows :: Sub-Total: $12.83 Canada Post (1 x 0.25kgs) (Regular, 2004-01-21): $4.92 7% PST + 7.0% GST: $1.80 Shipping 7% GST: $0.34 Gift Vouchers/Coupons: $15.32 Total: $4.57 Now because the remaining total was MORE than the actual cost of shipping, I get a negative number when I go to the Paypal screen (-0.35). It usually separates the 2 like this: Total: $... Shipping: $... Is it possible to fix this?