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  1. cpgmar

    Discover card validation

    I checked my cc_validation file and discover is enabled and the coding is there to accept it. For some reason the card error message is coming up when a discover card is entered. Any idea why?
  2. Thank you, that was it!!! I appreciate the help, didn't even know that mod was installed.
  3. Your previous post mentioned to contact our Web Adminstrator. Well I am my Web administrator. I assumed that this was the place to post as we are discussing the contribution here. I am running the CRE loaded version and there is so much stuff in it, it could be anything causing the conflict. Plus we are customizing the orders.php a lot too. I thought there might be an easy fix having to do with the permissions. If the others have any idea what we have in common and what the conflict is, please let the rest of us in on it. Thank you for your help!
  4. I got the same error, any help would be greatly appreciated.