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  1. Badadz

    PayPal IPN v0.97 released

    Cancel that request 8>) After all that I fixed it by adding two fields into the "order_status_history" table. orders_status_id int(11) NoNull comments varchar(200) NoNull I only have one more problem 8>) and I really do need help with this. On my page I have a small frame at the top for my extra navigations (Its a flash navbar file which doesn't need reloading with every page) When going to paypal, this remains and Paypal loads in the bottom window and because of this Paypal experiencees cookie problems as below when the user hits the final button to pay me: Where in the Oscommerce/paypal ipn code would I force the "Confirm order" button in Oscommerce to load in the whole window rather than the main frame? To see my fram layout click on my www link below (This is a live site) Thanks Adam
  2. Badadz

    PayPal IPN v0.97 released

    I am getting the following error for Paypal IPN payment. I am using snapshot 20030205 and am happy with this. I installed paypalipn_v0971_for_milestone_1 and everything was fine except for one small difference I couldn't find: In the Catalog/includes/modules/downloads.php The script says my entry should say: but it was quite different and said: This was the only area I had trouble with and possibly the area I stuffed up as I noted the comment at the bottom saying "Note that there is only one little modification: the addition of "and o.orders_status != 99999" to the SELECT." so this is the only change I made to that file. Maybe v0971 is not compatible with my snapshot? Any help would be appreciated (Sorry if this is a repost but I have spent an hour searching the forum for the answer) Thanks Badadz