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  1. iamkim

    easy un-populate?

    Thanks Ed. I appreciate your response. What I've done for now is changed the status of each item to inactive. I used Easy Populate to bring them into the database didn't uploaded them with the correct "model numbers"/ISBNs, so you're suggestion re: easy populate won't put them back in the database in the correct folders with their correct ISBNs. I think when I add the ISBNs, the database will see them as new products, not as updated products. Again, Thanks everyone who offered suggestions. Kim :thumbsup:
  2. iamkim

    Master Products - MS2

    so perhaps you know of a way to make all the products in the "top" category invisible, too? What i really want to do is delete the products, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do so other than one at a time through the admin panel. I have over 700 books that inadvertently ended up in that category and I want to begin to populate my database from scratch, but alas.... I am handicapped when it come to php
  3. iamkim

    easy un-populate?

    Thanks for your response... what I really need to know how to do is delete all the products in the "top" category. I deleted the other categories and that deleted all the products contained within them, but I didn't create a category named "top" so cant' delete it. The category seems to be inherent to OScommerce and the only way I've found to delete it's contents is one by one by one by %$%$one...which of course I can't possibly continue to do. Any ideas?
  4. :'( I need to start over with populating my store. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've got many duplicates, $0.00 entries and over 800 books in "top" category. I never created a "top" category. Thanks!