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  1. netearth

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    Hi Matt, Well as yet there has be no forthcoming answer to my riddle, however I dont even get orders showing up in NoChex APC! :( SO your one bit closer than me :) Might end up redoing the install and see if anything changes :) Chris
  2. netearth

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    'elp! <_< I have done the installation as far as I can see, I can place an order, even go through checkout onto Nochex (my logo is there too :P ) enter the dummy id and then get passed back to my website for the end page, my correct selling name is in nochex, so I know I have done that bit correct :) :). I have done the nochex APC URL check as shown in this posting, and havent received any email, Nochex stated it had sent an email. I went into my OSC admin page, and I see NOCHEX APC at the bottom left on the menu, click it and a sub menu appears, main screen stays the same (My Store), click on the Transactions Sub Menu and I get "Displaying 0 to 0 (of 0 transactions)", but I do get a very interesting error at the bottom: 1062 - Duplicate entry '2df6a53e5b928e19f0cbdaadadbee9f7' for key 1 insert into sessions values ('2df6a53e5b928e19f0cbdaadadbee9f7?action=view', '1103470984', 'language|s:7:\"english\";languages_id|s:1:\"1\";selected_box|s:13:\"configuration\";') [TEP STOP] Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0 NOW this is probably me missing something on the install, however for the laugh :D Im a windows user, what the hell was that! :) :-" Any help would be appreciated. many thanks, Chris :thumbsup: