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  1. Salvage.

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for display_price() in /home/salvaged/public_html/includes/classes/currencies.php on line 71 Your have spent $149.46 with us so you are eligable for a discount of 5% is the error i get when i put that code in accout.php above the heading: My Account Information Any ideas?
  2. Salvage.

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Hey Boxtel, still have problems. Is there a stream lined code i can make to just say this: You have spent (customer purchases totaled up) with us so you are eligable for a discount of (current discount level).
  3. Salvage.

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    This still doesn't work :/. I have the latest Customer Loyalty modules installed, and only those. With that said, how would i make the customers discount show up in account.php? Boxtel, that doesn't work. Do you just place that code in account.php where you want it to show or do you have to do something else? Someone please help, been working on this for days and cannot figure out a solution.
  4. Salvage.

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Hey, does anyone know how to make the % discount each customer gets visible in account.php? The method in http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,1286/page,3 is wrong. Please help me.
  5. Still need help with this, having the same problems over and over. I can't even tell if i'm making progress or not. Everytime i think i've fixed something a new problem arises. I'm in dire need of help.
  6. What snippets of code would I be using to do this? That's what I can't seem to find.
  7. How do you add more product fields to easy populate? Like Product Cost and Account Name?
  8. Hey guys, I'm having some severe problems with Easy Populate. I've added these fields to my product info: product price (cost) and i would like that to come up in easy populate as well. But I can't seem to do anything right with easy pop. :/. Is there anyone that can offer me a little more towards one on one support for this. Or if there's a link they can send me to with someone having the same problem that was answered already that'd be great.
  9. Hey, still having a problem. I can export a file to the temp folder but it's missing a lot of fields and i can't upload it back with changes. Anyone have any idea what's going on?
  10. Hey, I'm having a huge problem with easy populate. Everytime i export a file, no matter which option i choose it always shows up blanks. I've modified my osCommerce store siginificantly and i'm wondering if this has taken a toll on the working of easypopulate. If anyone has ANY advice regarding the subject it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all kindly in advance for your time. It is well valued.
  11. Salvage.

    Help with Enable and Disable Categories

    If anyone has any information regarding this issue please contact me or drop a post. I am still in dire need of help.
  12. Salvage.

    Help with Enable and Disable Categories

    Here is an image of the problem I am having, if anyone can pinpoint the problem it would be greatly appreciated as I cannot seem to find what piece of code is handling this.
  13. Hi, I have everything working fine except that the table doesn't look right in admin/categories.php. I can't get the status of the categories or their sort order to show up. All it shows is: Category/Product and Action field. But the headings are there for sort and status. I am in desperate need of help because I can't even pin-point where the error is coming from. Any and all help would be appreacited. Thank you all kindly in advance.
  14. Salvage.

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Still having problems with this, it seems that the field to check whether or not the category is enabled or not will not show up in admin, any advice?