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  1. I have just done a major overhaul and upgraded to oscommerce-2.2rc2a and also enabled DownloadsControllerv5_3_2c. In the previous version of the shop, I had 2 items for sale which were 'online advice' - when the purchaser got to the download link, it was simply a link to a .php file in the downloads directory which was an online form. It worked quite well - popped open the form in a new window and allowed them to type in their question which was sent as an email. With the new version of the shop that I have just installed, instead of redirecting the purchaser to the online form, the system attempts to simply download the .php file. I can see quite a few differences between the old download.php file and the new one, but I'm not sure if this is where the change has occurred. Can anyone advise what I would need to change to let the download link simply open the file rather than download it? Thanks, Kitka
  2. kitka

    NAB new payment gateway

    Hi All, I have built an osCommerce shopping cart to use the NAB payment gateway, thinking that there was a payment gateway module available (in fact I found two in the contributions section). However NAB's helpdesk tell me that neither of these are correct and that I should build one from scratch based on the documentation they have supplied. (the doc is called NAB Transact XML API Integration Guide.pdf) I'm afraid this is beyond me. I'm wondering if anyone out there is currently using the current modules and if they are working OK? I have tried both and in the end get the shopping cart trying to connect to a URL which times out. NAB has told me that it is because this URL pertains to the old NSIPS system, which is no longer in use. (Incidentally it is: http:// ) I have asked if there is a new URL that I should be putting in its place, but they have just reiterated that I need to build a new module from scratch using the documentation they have supplied. If these modules are in fact out of date, is there anyone working on a new one? Any help appreciated. Kitka
  3. kitka

    Westpac Web Advantage issue

    Hello, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with the WebAdvantage payment module from the Contributions section. I have implemented this module but am having an odd problem with the occasional order not registering as a Pending order in the osCommerce admin area. The payment seems to go through to Westpac, with the item order information, however checking in the pending orders section, it just isn't there. Does anyone else have this issue, and more importantly, does anyone have any ideas about the possible cause? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Kitka