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  1. wider

    Brand new SagePay payment module and gateway

    Hi Carbon! Did you write if for VSP Server or VSP Direct? More than happy to look at it! (Especially Server) Regards, German
  2. Hi! I've heard that there is now an apparently finished and certified Protx VSP Server module available. Does anyone know when it will be made available? I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the good work! G
  3. Hello Everybody! I've been fighting for hours; I found a couple of people with the same problems but no real answers. The story: I have a voucher balance and would like to use if for my purchase. The balance will cover 100% of the purchase (and shipping and tax). I check "use Gift Voucher account balance" and "continue" Now, when there is only one payment module installed the payment method displayed on checkout_confirmation and in orders.php will be that particular module. Although, no payment had to be made via this method. If there are two ore more modules installed, but all but one is set to be displayed, the one with the lowest sort order will be selected by default. If more than one module is displayed, the payment method will be blank (which is better than the incorrect display, but still not really great). Has anyone found a healthy fix for this? (e.g. display a Payment Method: Voucher) Thanks already! German
  4. wider

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Hi Mark, I use: <td class="main" width="100%" valign="top"><?php echo tep_output_string($error['error']); ?></td> That works well for me. Hope it helps. German
  5. wider

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sales Report v1.2

    Oh gosh, judging by the dates this thread seems fairly dead.. Hi! I'm struggling a bit with Sales Report 1.2. Since the 29th of October (Daylight Saving Time), the report is going crazy. Especially the previous and next buttons are mad. Some weeks have just 6 days, other 12, 14, 21, etc... Any ideas? Thanks! German
  6. wider

    Banner Manager with Sessions help

    Hi! Here's what I've tried. (All credits to Marco) in redirect.php change the "banner" section to: case 'banner': $banner_query = tep_db_query("select banners_url from " . TABLE_BANNERS . " where banners_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'] . "'"); if (tep_db_num_rows($banner_query)) { $banner = tep_db_fetch_array($banner_query); tep_update_banner_click_count($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto']); if (strpos($banner['banners_url'],HTTP_SERVER) !== FALSE){ tep_redirect($banner['banners_url'].'?'.$SID); }else{ tep_redirect($banner['banners_url']); } } break; Now, you can just sepcify any internal url in the Banner Manager admin. (in SearchEngineFriendly style) Good luck. German
  7. wider

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Hi! Jason's contribution is actually very good. It doesn't utilize the full current API, but it does most things. You don't really need the integration kit, but it may help to make some additions if necessary. Cheers, German
  8. wider

    UK install issue

    Hi, after a bit of trying, I've come to the following solution. Either rename your "London" to "Greater London" using phyMyAdmin, or change create_account.php, line 105 to: $zone_query = tep_db_query("select distinct zone_id from " . TABLE_ZONES . " where zone_country_id = '" . (int)$country . "' and (zone_name like'" . tep_db_input($state) . "%' or zone_name like '%" . tep_db_input($state) ."' or zone_code like '" . tep_db_input($state) ."%' )"); That accepts "London", something like "Londo..." and "Londonderry" if your county is named "County Londonderry". It's probably not 100% ideal, but a great deal better than losing all sales from London. :D
  9. wider

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Hi Jason! Thanks heaps for your work. I'm very much looking forward to seing the new version. I believe that's goig to take care of these "Verifed by" schemes, isn't it? The old contribution is still working, though, isn't it? Should we stop using it? Again, thanks! German
  10. wider

    Protx VSP Direct - MS2.2 Support

    Hi Colleagues! Same problem: Im using it on Linux with Plesk 7.5. It works if I add CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE. It doesn't work without. I checked back with Protx and they said: "It is a small security risk because you are not verifying the certificate chain." Ok? Should I use this fix or shouldn't I??? What do you think? Has anyone tracked this down further? Where does the actual problem lie? Maybe we need to change some settings with curl or OpenSSL? Ideally, I'd like to run this as secure as possible. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks heaps! German
  11. wider

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sales Report v1.2

    Hi and thanks for the contribution!! Are there any known issues with the graph display. I just can't get the graphs to show up for any sales period. Thanks for your suggestions! German
  12. Hi Folks! I'm just building a new store, and I've swapped Mopix against Ultrapics. I like UP a lot better!! Thanks a lot. Buuuut (...you knew that would come), with Mopix, I had hacked-in two features: a. If I wanted, it was sufficient to upload one big image, which was automatically resampled into a large and a small version (at predefined dimensions). If required, I was able to choose individual images as well. I know, the Ultrapics Image Uploader has a resize feature, but I loathe uploading essentially the same image 2 or three times, always having to remember the standard image dimensions for the respective image type. (Sorry, if I'm too lazy... ;) ) Does anyone know an add-on/fix for this or has anyone done this or something similar? Comment, ideas and approaches would be very welcome! Thanks!!! German
  13. Dear Colleagues, I'm trying to switch off the output of Quotes for the Title and Descritption in the Froogle Output. I can't quite find the right bit of code to edit, though. Currently, it appears like that: ... Category *Tab* ID *Tab* "Product-Title" *Tab* "Product Desc"... I'd like to loose these quotes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. German
  14. Hi Chris! Wow. Thanks heaps! I'll give that a try! Best of luck. g
  15. Hi Kolleagues, another question: In which file and around which lines could I redefine the column headers and the output format for the values of the froogle file? I'm trying to adapt it to another price comparison engine. Thanks, german