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  1. davesbeetles

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Daz nice to see another local guy. Ok I know what your problem is. within firefox make sure when you do print that you have the tick box enabled to allow page set to print background (colours & images) this can be found in the page setup menu on the file menu. I assume it would be a similar issue within internet explorer. All the best Dave
  2. davesbeetles

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Just to follow up, it turned out I had been given an incomplete Client ID via email. I was missing just one character. I now have the module fully working under test mode and have just had it switched to full production byt HSBC and then the fun started again the HSBC is now rejecting every card payment via fraudshield saying the address is incorrect. I have checked the address over and over (as its my own card and address I am testing with) both post code and address are correct. I have even trapped my post to the HSBC just to check everything I send and all is correct there. Methinks the HSBC is more trouble than its worth, its only taken 4 months to get here! It took 3 months to get the merchant account set up and the CPi approval :'(
  3. davesbeetles

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Anyrd I cant help wondering if you have done the same thing that I did when installing the module. In my emails from the HSBC they called every ID they sent me the client ID, so for the last 5 weeks of hacking about in the module I was using my client alias instead of my client ID. If you log into the HSBC (www.secure-epayments.hsbc.com) and go to the Store configuration page it will tell you there what your real client id is. Once you have this I would clear all the OSCommerce stuff from your server and re-install the whole thing with clean versions of the module (but just do the mods outlined in the readme file within the zip file to the checkout_process.php and hsbc.php payment module). By doing this you should be at least up to where I am with an error from cpiresults of code 12 or if you are luckier than me everything working
  4. davesbeetles

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I have managed to get most of this module to work now, but I am falling over on a cpiresultscode = 12 what is the most common reason for this? If I enter this into the pending error codes for the module then the test transaction seems to go through though and my test customer recieves an email from my os commerce site giving order number and details. I never see a HSBC page but my shopping cart does empty. Is this correct? If I dont add the code 12 to the pending error codes part of the module config then when I try to checkout an order I get dumped back at the user login screen on my site then when I log in again the item is still in the shopping cart. Any help would be most greatfully recieved. BTW this has taken 5 weeks now to get this far until this afternoon I kept getting dumped back with a hacking attempt message :'( I cant begin to say how happy I was when I figured what was causing that one!