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  1. Inewmark's 22 Jan simple add should be added to a version 4.2 of the file. Without this, when <All Manuacturers> are selected, the number of products sold (on my store at least) is multiplied times the number of manufacturers to give (in my case) x4 the number of products sold. When I selected a specific manufacturer, I got the right result. I get a year drop-down box with years from 2005 to 2012. I started my store in 2004 so I'd like that data. I haven't sold anything in 2012 yet. :-) There's an array in the same file that contains the years. Just add extra lines for the year(s) you want.
  2. acmaurer

    Authorize.net not displaying as Payment option

    It is now showing. The ONLY thing I did differently was change the sort order so that it does not show as the default "0" position. Tried the AIM module in position 4 and that works, too. Sheesh. Poorly written or poorly documented.
  3. Am configuring payment modules on osc 2.2 RC2a. All the payment modules show in Admin, but neither Authorize.net AIM nor SIM show as Payment Method options on checkout after they are enabled. Other modules, no problem. PayPal, Cash, COD--install, remove them and page refresh updates the choices immediately. Nothing activates the Authorize.net modules. The files that come with the RC2a distribution are identical to Harald Ponce de Leon's 11 Jan 2008 SIM contribution. There has to be a simple explanation but I can't find it. <_< Any suggestions appreciated!