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  1. webination

    Recover Cart Sales

    I have the same problem. I would have thought the step by step instructions would be worded better by now. I find them very difficult to follow correctly. About 3 years ago I got an earlier version to work on a customers site. Today I have been working on getting the latest version to work and I am also getting now no carts. It is annoying to see in the frequently asked questions area that the reason for no carts is that you have not run the tool. I would say that this is the least likely reason.
  2. webination

    InternetSecure - possible fix found

    Josaram, This seems like a very good idea. You have been using this now for about 2 years. Is it stable? Any update as top your experience? :rolleyes:
  3. webination

    lost dropped sessions

    On occasion customers click to retun to my web site but orders are not processed. Instead they end up at the home page and not at the checkout_success.php. The result is the order is lost after the payment is processed. It appears that this issue exists accross many different payment modules. At least that is what I have found on this support forum. The only exception is the paypal module that actually stores the orders as a record in the sql database. That way the order process is not dependant on session ids. What would be a good idea is to apply the logic of this module to all other payment modules as it is clear the use of session ids is not reliable enough. Any one care to comment or make any suggestions?
  4. webination

    Payments not registering on OSCommerce Admin...and other issues

    Does this issue happen all the time or on occasion? I have reason to believe that it is a session id problem. Check and see if the link has the right session id and if the session id matches one available in the database table sessions.
  5. webination

    Firefox issue?

    I have looked at all the session ids being passed back and they all look good. the only explanation then becomes an issue of sessions being deleted or expiring before order completion. What might be the causes of this?
  6. webination

    Firefox issue?

    Very interesting. This would explain the variability of the problem. Any hints on how to investigate this further? It is the best idea yet. I will do some poking around with session ids. Could this have anything to do with how I host the site or could it be some kind of time out issue.
  7. webination

    Firefox issue?

    Just curious how many users have a lost order problem? I know there are fudge solutions and I have used many of them such as recover cart etc. I suspect many OScommerce sites if not most encounter some lost orders in the course of a year. I would love to hear how you have worked around the problem and what the predominate reason for the lost order on your particular store. I am not sure if it is worth investigating further as to various root causes.
  8. webination

    Using Any Kind Of Credit Card Modules

    This symtom can be caused by many things. I have a problem with some of my customers. Some customers click the return button but they are redirected to the log in screen and not the checkout_process.php page. Unfortunatly it is hard to know if the customers simpley ignored the return button or if their is a redirect problem. In any case about 1 in every 10 transactions fail to check out correctly. :blink:
  9. webination

    Firefox issue?

    Interesting enough Firefox may not be the cause of the problem. All I can really say is some customers are not returned to the checkout_success.php page. the are directed instead to the index.php page. This is hard to diagnose. Unless customers actually tell you they clicked to return to the site it may be assumed that the customer just did not finish the process correctly. I think the best way to go forward is to find out who has this sort of problem. The symtoms are payments are processed but the shopping cart is not converted to an order. My efforts to recreat the problem purely on my end haave been unsuccessful.
  10. webination

    Firefox issue?

    I use Internetsecure. I am not convinced it is an issue with them however. The link back should process the order. I am not sure if it is possible for the payment processor to fowl up that part of the process. >_<
  11. webination

    Firefox issue?

    On occasion ( I suspect only with firefox) customers click to retun to my web site but orders are not processed. Instead they end up at the home page and not at the checkout_success.php. The result is the rder is lost after the payment is processed. As I mentioned this only seems to be a problem with Firefox. Anyone else having this issue? I am tired of trying to recover the details of orders.
  12. webination

    table rate shipping not working at all

    :'( I am very much interested in this as well. I can't see how I can get the table to work through multiple zones. In fact if I choose a zone the table method is blocked. I am not sure if the table method is at all workable. Perhaps I am beating a dead horse. There is some option that I need to fix as my weighs are being converted from KG to Lbs. I don't know where to turn this off.
  13. webination

    table shipping

    Check this out I have a product that weighs 10kg. If I put this in I get the following results... 10:15,20:17.5 order 1 product I get $17 charged(should be $15) order 2 products $0 is charged. So I figued the weight must inflated in some way so I doubled the weight 20:15,30:17.5 so now I get $15 on first product $17.50 on the second product and then I get a wopping $34 on the third. Holy cow this does not make any sense to me.
  14. webination

    table shipping

    :( I am following this very closely as I would like asolution as well. It appears that the table has no connection with the weight that i can figure out. It seems to want to convert a 10 kg item into something that weighs 20kg. I can't figure out why. Sometimes the table is incemental and other times it is exponential. May be i am an idiot but I just don't get the math.
  15. webination

    Recover Cart Sales

    B) I found my problem. I would have expected some one here to have necountered this before but ... In the step by step instructions it states Step 9: The admin area does not know about special pricing on items, and so lists only the "default" price for items, which can give you inaccurate results. This step fixes this problem in a manner that enables any other contribution to get special pricing using the same code as the cart does. This leads one to believe that one could run the tool with out this which is what i did. When you don't complete this step you get no carts. I suggest you take this wording out. Special prices or no special prices this needs to be done. It is not an option as one would have assumed from this wording. If some one doesn't have any data in their cart I will advice correctly that they probably skipped this step. The instructions are very misleading.