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  1. As long as the program you're using saves the correct charset and don't add extra code that messes things up, it shouldn't matter what program you use. You should be able to set the charset in any good editor. Be sure to save documents in the same charset as the one you specify in the meta tags. You may also want to check to see if your server's sending documents in a default charset, and save your documents accordingly or change the default charset for the server. In osCommerce, the meta tag charset is set in includes/languages/<yourLanguage>.php. Eivind
  2. And another thing I almost forgot; the "HOW TO INSTALL (EASY)" part of the readme-file, doesn't mention sts_product_info.php. It too should (obviously) be copied to the includes-folder. It actually took me several minutes to find out. (I like to follow the instructions in README and INSTALL files to the point.)
  3. This contribution isn't one template, it's a template system. It allows you to quickly change the layout simply by changing one html-file. Some examples can be found at http://www.diamondsea.com/sts/sites.html By the way, some of those aren't very good examples IMO. It's very easy to change the layout, as long as you know some basic html. Actually, if you're just looking to change small parts of the layout, you could even manage by a little cut'n'paste :D