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  1. Hi everyone, this is a known bug, and luckily for us it is also prtty easy to sort out. chech out -20 +20 bug regards, unai
  2. seems as you may have missed to copy the language files to your folder. regards, unai
  3. the first time i instlled this contrib was on 5.11, if you look in the contrib it may look threatening but there aremany minor fixes in languages files or in module that u may or not use. personallyi just installed the bug fixes, till 5.13..... on the 5.13 install file says: - Based on v5.12 Full package by Muibi (4 feb 2005). so just go up there from your package and follow the instructions, whtch arewell written and easy to follow. regards, unai
  4. hi! You are using 5.10c, so it will NOT work the code i posted before. the reason is that in the 5.13 the errors messages are display as a box in a different manner as the version you are using. so i would recommend you to upgrade to 5.13.(there are also security fixes, this one is usability related).. .i also upgraded it myself last week. i just went to the contrib area and installed one by one the bug fixes and improvements till today. it could be a simplier wasy to do it, but as i have a heavily modified shop i like to change things bit by bit, so its easier to trobleshoot. hope this helps regards, unai
  5. what i did was to follow the same code as when the code is incorrect. i merged what quentin posted with the existing code to display the error when a code is incorrect. on my sites works both ways. i whish i could point u in the right direction, someone with better php understanding may post the answer.;) sorry i can be more helpfull regards, unai
  6. hi all, dont know what to say, its working here, i have tested throughoutfully...... i got a heavily modified shop, maybe its because of that. i hav ethe 5.13 installed but no the paypal ipn. sorry about that, i have it working here so i though i could helpout someone. when do u get the error? regards, unai
  7. its strange becuase i have tested the code i posted in 2 lives sites and in a production server with no problems whatsover.......... when and how do u get that error?maybe we can help u out, or maybe there some1 else with the same error. regards, unai
  8. THnks quentin, that was it!!!! however if you want to have the error displayed as a box insteasd an url as modified in 5.13....you would have to change: if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['submit_redeem_x'] && $gv_result['coupon_type'] == 'G') tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode(ERROR_NO_REDEEM_CODE), 'SSL')); to.... if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['submit_redeem_x'] && !$HTTP_POST_VARS['gv_redeem_code']) tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'payment_error=' .$this->code.'&error=' . urlencode(ERROR_NO_REDEEM_CODE), 'SSL')); } and thats it. thanks all regards, unai
  9. HI everyone, I would say that if the redeem field is empty a error message could appear saying somthing like "no voucher code entered" or whatever, in the same fashion an error is dysplay if the code is incorrect. So the users could not get to confirmation page unless a valid code is provided or the countinue button has been clicked (because the y dont have a voucher or dont want to use it at that point). any suggestions on this? i am trying to tweak the error function to do this, but no success so far.... :blush: not proficiency at php regards, unai
  10. hi everyone, IMHO i believe that i have found a confusing behavior in the checkout_payment.php file. when the users type an incorrect voucher coDe, an error message appears, which it is much more appeling since 5.13 than in the url. This also happens if no type of payment is selected. however when the field is left empty and the user click on the redeem button nothing happens and the user goes to the checkout_confirmation.php page. would it not be more appropIate to display an error message when the field is empty an d the user has clicked the redeem buttom? and if so, someone could point me how to do it? thanks regards, unai
  11. sorry, i cant help tou. i just rolled back using my previous back up. however i do not regret at all, because if you have the time and the will is way much flexible to adapt oscommerce to your needs by learning how to arrange the links and so on on the page. and this is fairly easy. i am talking as a newbie whjo started in december and now is nearly ready to open to the public my eshop :D unai
  12. ooooops.... :blush: my mistake. i got mixed up with another mod in the shopping cart procces. You are right , only one step to crete an account. sorry for the misunderstanding.i can only say in my defence that i am new around and it was late. :blush: Thanks again for the great mod and your reply, steve. regards unai
  13. Hi! thanks for this great contribution! I have just upload the complete contrib with the spanish files and translation ;) Good work Steve! I also would want to make a suggestion :rolleyes: Once you login and the customer is in the create account, is it possible to show a bar at the top of the page showing all the steps required to create the account and in wihch one the customer is at that moment? i hoep it does not go beyond the scope.... :blush: i am not a programmer and i dont know the changes required to do it. sorry it does. regards unai
  14. Hi everyone! I am trying to change the code to do the following, instead of a box field the users would get a drop down menu with quantities to chose from. i am refering to those drop down menu with number to choose from. anyone has already done this? could u please point me to the right direction? i believe it would be a nice new feature :D thanks unai
  15. Hi everyone! in the first place, thanks for this great contrib! I have just installed and it went everything smoothly. :thumbsup: just wanna add a tiny bit. i translated to spanish, here it goes; maybe it can be add to the installation file :P languages/espanol.php // Contribution Shopping Cart Box Enhancement define('TEXT_ADD_TO_GET_FREE_SHIPPING', '[añade %s]'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_RECEIVED', 'Su pedido es enviado GRATIS.'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_LIMIT', '¡Todos los pedidos sobre %s son enviados GRATIS!'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_LIMIT_INTERNATIONAL', 'Todos los pedidos sobre %s son enviados GRATIS fuera de %s.'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_LIMIT_NATIONAL', 'Todos los pedidos sobre %s son enviados GRATIS dentro de %s.'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_RECEIVED_INTERNATIONAL', 'Su pedido es enviado GRATIS fuera de %s.'); define('TEXT_FREE_SHIPPING_RECEIVED_NATIONAL', 'Su pedido es enviado GRATIS dentro de %s.'); hope it hepls to some1 regards unai