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  1. Jewelie

    Fedex Zone Shipping Rates

    I'm having this same problem. It can't find the zone. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? I don't know if this will help you, but when I was trying to select FedEx, it was initially acting funky, going to an "Install" button instead of the Choose 0 or 1 and Handling Fee right pane. I just had to click around in other options and click back on the FedEx one until it worked. I also, changed it from 0 to 1 a couple times and it helped. Now my problem isn't that it's not selected, but that it can't read the zones properly.
  2. Jewelie

    Fedex Zone Contrib version 2.0 ready

    I'm getting an error "Could not find zone to get zone rates" (paraphrased) on the Checkout page. Any clue what I did wrong?
  3. Hi everyone- I've been having problems using the USPS module that comes with the newest version of OSC, and kept getting the message "An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. Please contact store owner . . yada yada yada" So I decided to install the USPS Methods contribution. I followed the instructions 1-6 (I just replaced the whole file, no Drop Ins. I get to step #7 and I am lost. For some reason I log back into my Admin-> Modules-> Shipping and the USPS module is gone. I cannot click the green button because it does not exist. What did I do wrong? Thanks, Julie