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  1. Anyone willing to help someone get this working?
  2. OK, I think I am losing my mind. I've been trying for the past two nights to install this module to no avail. I do know we are not running the most current version of OSCommerce on the site. Could that be the problem? I've noticed the gentleman that initially wrote the contribution doesn't have anything to do with the more recent updates/edits. (How can I tell what version of OSC I am running?). All I am trying to do is disable the envelope options that appear under the Int'l shipping options. Is there an easier way??? I am losing my mind with this one. HELP!?
  3. eeprete

    USPS Shipping Methods question

    FYI, I just added it, however none of the options would show in admin, and on the front end it said there was an error, where the shipping options would normally appear.
  4. I need to configure only certain options to be available to customers. Will the USPS Shipping Methods module work with older instances/versions of OS Commerce? The OS Commerce Admin we are using doesn't look like the newer more updated look. Also where can I find out what version of OSC we are running on this site? It's the default install from OLM hosting if anyone is familiar with them.
  5. I configured the UPS shipping module over the past couple of days, and was doing some testing tonight, however even though I am shipping a 4 lb package, it's giving the customer the option of what type of packaging to ship in (see options below). Is there a way to configure it so that only Global Express (non-documents) or Global Priority (non-envelope) are the only options? I don't want to offer the user options where they could potentially select a lower price to have the items shipped. TIA. United States Postal Service (1 x 4lbs) Global Express Guaranteed Document Service $63.25 Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service $68.50 Global Express Mail (EMS) $36.90 Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Large) $9.50 Global Priority Mail - Flat-rate Envelope (Small) $5.25 Global Priority Mail - Variable Weight (Single) $27.50 Airmail Letter Post $24.35 Airmail Parcel Post $25.80 Economy (Surface) Letter Post $12.05 Economy (Surface) Parcel Post $19.25
  6. eeprete

    session lost after payement

    who is your payment gateway? Is there a complete order button at the transcation page? The variable is not being passed back properly (or if at all). It needs to be passed back with a data/field name of "osCsid".
  7. eeprete

    Verisign silent post questions...

    I am currently using Verisign Payflow, and have finally gotten the transcations to work, however I am still having a problem with the Silent Post functionality. I have set up an interim page that grabs all the posted data back from Verisign, parses it, and creates a new string. However when I pass that string along with the URL it fails and doesn't trip the order completion scripts. Any ideas on where to troubleshoot next?
  8. eeprete

    Problem with cc payment

    I believe the only thing needed to close out the order is having the session variable returned. Check the payment processing page to see what values are being passed back, and if the session ID is one of them.
  9. eeprete

    PayFlow Link Problem

    Is Register globals on or off in your PHP ini file? Also, would you happen to know whether it was on or off with your previous host? What is the Payflow payment URL you are using?
  10. eeprete

    Problem with cc payment

    May I ask who your bank provider is? It wouldn't happen to be Verisign would it? I have isolated the issue, since we've been suffering with the problem for a month. However now comes time for figuring out the solution.
  11. eeprete

    PayFlow Link Problem

    you are one of several of us having this issue. Verisign denies that it is an issue on their end and attributes it to contibution issues, however I find it rather ironic that before the tranascation URL change, everything was fine. Change that on Aug 1, and we no longer get the orders logged or emailed to us.... I am still scratching my head.
  12. eeprete

    Update on Verisign Payflow Link Errors

    Ruth, Unforturtunately, that is an old thread where orders were getting lost because of the transcation URL being incorrect. I actually have an OS Commerce specialist trying to work out the problem and get this solved. I am also trying to figure it out on my end too. If I solve it, I will certainly share it with you if I can. Ed
  13. eeprete

    Update on Verisign Payflow Link Errors

    Ruth, it appears we are experiencing two separate problems. Did you make sure your silent post url is set in Verisign? The problem we are experiencing is with confirmation of the actual order. Perhaps we are still have the same problem, but I would double check the silent post url and check off the box. I have run tests both ways, and NO ORDER is coming across for us. I first used the last contribution by Valcor and included that at the same time I changed the payment url. Now nothing is working. I've tested with both prior URL's, the current, the SILENT POST on and off. Nothing works....
  14. The silent post option was disabled by Payflow. In order to get to the checkout_success.php page, the user must click "Continue". When the continue button IS submitted, something is not getting transmitted back tripping the switch.