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  1. I'm sure this is not pretty code, lol, but it worked! This is what I did. I pushed all of it down with a margin-top in the BodyWrapper, and then I pulled the header back up with a negative margin-top. #bodyWrapper { background: url("images/wrapper.png"); margin-top: 240px; background-position: -18px 100px; } #header { height: 240px; margin-left: -20px; margin-top: -240px; }
  2. Hi, I am trying to make a wrapper for my shop, but I want it to start 240 px down. I also have to adjust it -18 to fit my header, which it does without a problem. Why will it do left-right positioning but not top-bottom? #bodyWrapper { background: url("images/wrapper.png") repeat-y; background-position: -18px 240px; }
  3. ardesjo

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    I use PayPal and just like before I installed this addon my customers can bypass the payment and download their files =/ The whole purpose of having downloads to me is so they can get their products right away, so I don't want to change the permission so I have to manually approve.
  4. ardesjo

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    My fix didn't work. Instead I added the missing "Customers_id" row in the database right after "excluded_products_id". Works like a charm!
  5. ardesjo

    Paypal not showing shipping or tax

    Same here, and it also screws with my discount addon... It doesn't send the right total.
  6. ardesjo

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Alright, so I fixed my SQL issues by removing "dc.customers_id," from the query in my ot_discount.php file. Not sure if that's going to cause an issue, but it's working for now, with credit cards at least. For PayPal Express I run into the same issue as before. There is nothing calculation the discount before customer gets sent off to PayPal to pay, so the discount is not happening. I saw someone had a fix for PayPal IPN... but has anyone gotten this to work with PayPal Express? I use "PayPal Website Payments Pro - Direct Payments" and it requires PayPal Express to be turned on :(
  7. ardesjo

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Aww, I could never get any coupons to work with my checkout on my older version of OSC, but now that I finally upgraded to 2.3.1 I was hoping it would work. When I go to the admin section I get this error, and my knowledge in SQL is not good enough to solve it: 1054 - Unknown column 'dc.customers_id' in 'field list' select dc.discount_codes_id, dc.products_id, dc.categories_id, dc.manufacturers_id, dc.excluded_products_id, dc.customers_id, dc.orders_total, dc.order_info, dc.discount_codes, dc.discount_values, dc.minimum_order_amount, dc.expires_date, dc.number_of_orders, dc.number_of_use, dc.number_of_products, dc.status from discount_codes dc order by dc.discount_codes_id desc limit 0, 20 [TEP STOP] Could anyone give me a hand? :) Alright, I looked a little at the installed SQL, and it appears that the customers_id field is in the other database "customers_to_discount_codes", not "discount_codes" CREATE TABLE `customers_to_discount_codes` ( `customers_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0', `discount_codes_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0', INDEX ( `discount_codes_id` ) , KEY `customers_id` (`customers_id`) ); CREATE TABLE `discount_codes` ( `discount_codes_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `products_id` text, `categories_id` text, `manufacturers_id` TEXT, `excluded_products_id` TEXT, `orders_total` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0', `order_info` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL, `discount_codes` varchar(8) NOT NULL default '', `discount_values` varchar(8) NOT NULL default '', `minimum_order_amount` decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', `expires_date` date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00', `number_of_orders` int(4) NOT NULL default '0', `number_of_use` INT( 4 ) NOT NULL, `number_of_products` INT( 4 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, `status` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1', PRIMARY KEY (`discount_codes_id`) );
  8. ardesjo

    International Shipping Rates based on Price

    I need this too. I remember in 2.2 I just created extra tables, such as table2.php, table3.php... I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I found it somewhere. Now I can't use them anymore with 2.3.1, so I have to figure it out again. I want the same thing as you. I want shipipng to be based off the price, and I want to have three zones, US, Canada and International. You should be able to just install extra tables in the admin section imo.
  9. Has anyone solved the PayPal-problem? I am willing to tip whoever helps me. This is what happens when someone checkout: 1. You go to the "Delivery Information" page (checkout_shipping.php), chose your shipping and click continue. 2. You go to the "Payment Information" page (checkout_payment.php), you fill out your coupon code and chose your Payment Method. 2a. If you chose PayPal Express you get redirected to PayPal.com and the coupon code you typed in will not be processed because you are sent away from the webshop. 2b. If you chose Credit Card as your method of payment it takes you to the "Confirmation" page (checkout_confirmation.php), where your discount is applied and you have a new total. 3. When you click "Confirm" you pay the new total, and everything works perfect. So in some way we need to have it set the new total BEFORE sending the customer on to PayPal.com... I don't think it is that hard to do, but my knowledge is limited. Here are the two files that I think matters. I would much appreciate if someone could sort this out for us as I know a lot of people are looking for this fix. Please send me a PM if you think you can figure it out and I will send you the files, if needed.
  10. ardesjo

    Asking for Payment Information twice!?

    Thanks Chris for your encouragement. The problem was like you said some kind of overlap with "PayPal WPP Modification"! It's working now, woohoo!
  11. ardesjo

    Asking for Payment Information twice!?

    Argh, okay. So replacing it with the core removes the double box - but instead it spits out: "This transaction cannot be processed." Hmm, maybe I have some changes in my file that I want to keep, so I guess I'll have to find where in the code it duplicates it...
  12. ardesjo

    Asking for Payment Information twice!?

    Thanks for your qick reply! It's happening on the checkout_confirmation.php page... And it looks the same as on my other site which works. Let me download the core and try that :)
  13. I'm having a lot of trouble with the CC payment for one of my webshops. Now that I finally got it to work decent it asks me for the Payment Information twice! If I don't fill both of them out, it won't work. In the second box I can't even chose my payment option... Any ideas how I can solve this? I'm using: PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments
  14. ardesjo

    Currency issue, it's charging too much!

    Yeah, and I even called them, and they of course blame it on osCommerce. And I don't think the problem is on their end, since it works with regular PayPal Express, just not CC. Someone shops for 50 EURO, osCommerce converrts 50 EURO to 500 SEK, but sends it to PayPal as 500 EURO... So it should be any easy fix, I'm just not that good with PHP :P
  15. ardesjo

    Currency issue, it's charging too much!

    Since it's only happening with CC and not PayPal Express I figure there's something in paypal_wwp.php missing. I compared it with paypal_express.php and found this in the express file, I wonder if that's what makes it work?: // format prices without currency formatting function format_raw($number, $currency_code = '', $currency_value = '') { global $currencies, $currency; if (empty($currency_code) || !$this->is_set($currency_code)) { $currency_code = $currency; } if (empty($currency_value) || !is_numeric($currency_value)) { $currency_value = $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['value']; } return number_format(tep_round($number * $currency_value, $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places']), $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places'], '.', ''); }