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    That's a damn shame, it's just what I was looking for. Any chance of resuming development?
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    Simple Easypopulate problem

    Hi all I'm having a problem with EP 2.74 Nov29 contrib. When I click on "Download complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit" it downloads fine, but does not have the other pricing groups (I have 3 - wholesale, friend, cost) If I click on "Download Model/Price/Qty tab-delimited .txt file to edit" it downloads all the pricing no problem at all. I performed the mod suggested in the instructions, and uncommented the first 3 customer pricing groups as follows: // uncomment the customer_price and customer_group to support multi-price per product contrib $filelayout = array( 'v_products_model' => $iii++, 'v_products_price' => $iii++, 'v_products_quantity' => $iii++, 'v_customer_price_1' => $iii++, 'v_customer_group_id_1' => $iii++, 'v_customer_price_2' => $iii++, 'v_customer_group_id_2' => $iii++, 'v_customer_price_3' => $iii++, 'v_customer_group_id_3' => $iii++, #'v_customer_price_4' => $iii++, #'v_customer_group_id_4' => $iii++, ); The beginning of my easypopulate.php file is as follows: <?php // Current EP Version $curver = '2.72-MS2-Max'; /* $Id: easypopulate.php,v 2.72 2003/11/27 VJ Exp $ */ // //******************************* //******************************* // C O N F I G U R A T I O N // V A R I A B L E S //******************************* //******************************* // **** Temp directory **** // if you changed your directory structure from stock and do not have /catalog/temp/, then you'll need to change this accordingly. // $tempdir = "/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "/temp/"; //**** File Splitting Configuration **** // we attempt to set the timeout limit longer for this script to avoid having to split the files // NOTE: If your server is running in safe mode, this setting cannot override the timeout set in php.ini // uncomment this if you are not on a safe mode server and you are getting timeouts set_time_limit(330); // VJ changed // if you are splitting files, this will set the maximum number of records to put in each file. // if you set your php.ini to a long time, you can make this number bigger global $maxrecs; $maxrecs = 300; // default, seems to work for most people. Reduce if you hit timeouts //$maxrecs = 4; // for testing //**** Image Defaulting **** global $default_images, $default_image_manufacturer, $default_image_product, $default_image_category; // set them to your own default "We don't have any picture" gif //$default_image_manufacturer = 'no_image_manufacturer.gif'; //$default_image_product = 'no_image_product.gif'; //$default_image_category = 'no_image_category.gif'; // or let them get set to nothing $default_image_manufacturer = ''; $default_image_product = ''; $default_image_category = ''; //**** Status Field Setting **** // Set the v_status field to "Inactive" if you want the status=0 in the system // Set the v_status field to "Delete" if you want to remove the item from the system <- THIS IS NOT WORKING YET! // If zero_qty_inactive is true, then items with zero qty will automatically be inactive in the store. global $active, $inactive, $zero_qty_inactive, $deleteit; $active = 'Active'; $inactive = 'Inactive'; //$deleteit = 'Delete'; // not functional yet $zero_qty_inactive = false; //**** Size of products_model in products table **** // set this to the size of your model number field in the db. We check to make sure all models are no longer than this value. // this prevents the database from getting fubared. Just making this number bigger won't help your database! They must match! global $modelsize; $modelsize = 25; //**** Price includes tax? **** // Set the v_price_with_tax to // 0 if you want the price without the tax included // 1 if you want the price to be defined for import & export including tax. global $price_with_tax; $price_with_tax =false; // **** Quote -> Escape character conversion **** // If you have extensive html in your descriptions and it's getting mangled on upload, turn this off // set to 1 = replace quotes with escape characters // set to 0 = no quote replacement global $replace_quotes; $replace_quotes = false; // **** Field Separator **** // change this if you can't use the default of tabs // Tab is the default, comma and semicolon are commonly supported by various progs // Remember, if your descriptions contain this character, you will confuse EP! global $separator; $separator = "\t"; // tab is default //$separator = ","; // comma //$separator = ";"; // semi-colon //$separator = "~"; // tilde //$separator = "-"; // dash //$separator = "*"; // splat // **** Max Category Levels **** // change this if you need more or fewer categories global $max_categories; $max_categories = 3; // 7 is default // VJ product attributes begin // **** Product Attributes **** // change this if you want to download selected product options // this might be handy, if you have a lot of product options, and your output file exceeds 256 columns (which is the max. limit MS Excel is able to handle) global $attribute_options_select; $attribute_options_select = array('', ''); // uncomment and fill with product options name you wish to download // comment this line, if you wish to download all product options // VJ product attributes end Any suggestions appreciated. The quicker I fix this, the quicker I can use my Access front end for entering stock :)