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  1. MichaelBoss

    Contribution: Friendly Pricing v1.0

    Well, I replaced "INNER JOIN ... WHERE" with "INNER JOIN ... ON" and the error has gone. Weird. It seems only admin\categories.php is affected by this issue.
  2. MichaelBoss

    Contribution: Friendly Pricing v1.0

    Oh, one more thing. I get the following error when I try to add/modify some product: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'where c.code = config.configuration_value and config.configuration_value = 'USD'' at line 1 Select c.title from currencies c INNER JOIN configuration config where c.code = config.configuration_value and config.configuration_value = 'USD' Any clue what could be wrong?
  3. MichaelBoss

    Contribution: Friendly Pricing v1.0

    Great job Rob! I've got a little question. There is a file \catalog\account_history.php included in your contribution. However, it's just a copy of the standard one. Did you forget to include a modified version of this file or the file can be omitted? Thanks in advance.