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  1. I can't get this contribution or downloads in general to work at all.  I've looked at the download documentation in the knowledge base but it's not helpfull.  And the readme.txt file with this contribution is no help either.


    Does anyone know if there is better documentation that fully describes the steps needed to setup a product as a downloadable?


    what is the problem with your installation? I managed to get everything working except the actual download link, which is the most important thing but still haven't found a fix to. State your problem and we'll see what we can do about it.

  2. If I patch the download.php file, will I have to edit any other files?


    Also, will these fix my download link problem? I'm using Download Controller v5.3, and the download directory is protected. I put in the product attribute for the file, the attribute name is Download, and for the download link, I just put in the filename, but the download link still doesn't download properly.


    The download link in the order history page is calling for the right file, but it's calling for the file from the pub/.bunchofletters/file.zip when the file.zip is stored in the download folder.


    That's the only thing wrong with the download.

  3. OK, I've been searching the forums for the past couple of days trying to find a fix for the error I keep getting.


    I'm trying to test the downloads, everything works except for the link itself. When I click on the download link, I get an error because the link shows this >




    I always get a server error. Then when I disabled the "Download by redirect" I get the link trying to download the link.


    Ex: Downloading file: download.php?order=11&id=4 from www.mysite.com


    I have the folders both set at 777, and I even tried it with the downloads folder at 755.


    Everything works, the link button shows only when I set it to a certain order status, I added the download attribute. The only problem is the downloading.


    Anyone have a fix to this?