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  1. I have recently installed the Optional Related Products contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2293 Though this contribution works perfectly, there appears to be an issue when making changes to the entries (via the Edit function). When a change is made to either the linked product or the sort order and you click on "Update", the values are not updated or stored in the database, therefore when the screen refreshes, the previous values are displayed. I've looked through the script and can't find any issues in the code - does anyone else have any ideas or has previously come across this issue? Thanks in advance. Richard
  2. Hi I've now managed to install the File Uploads PA contribution, including the option to store the real filename in the attribute. The problem I'm having is that if, for example, a user uploads a file called temp.pdf then the filename displayed against the attribute might be 1. temp.pdf However, the file is being stored on the server with the name 1 As a result of this, the "Click Here" link is never displayed (because it can't find the file) and there is no easy way to retrieve it. Has anyone come across this and managed to resolve it? Cheers Richard
  3. I've recently installed the Held Orders module on a live shop, due to problems with customers not clicking "Continue" to return back to the shop from the Barclaycard ePDQ credit card system (so no order information was being stored in OSCommerce). However, I have a further problem. Though the Held Orders module is working OK, some customers are clearly changing their minds at the Checkout Confirmation stage. As a result, I have records in the Held Orders database for orders that were not placed. Or, their session expires, so they log back into the system and this creates a duplicate set of held orders records. Does anyone have any ideas how I can correct this, so that the Held Orders information is only stored AFTER they click on Submit in the Checkout Confirmation page, before they hit the Credit Card system? This will eliminate the additional adminstrative effort, deleting all the Held Orders records that were never confirmed as orders. Any help would be much appreciated. Richard
  4. rickhudson

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    I've put together a shopping cart site and am trying to use the Barclaycard ePDQ payment module to process credit card payments. The problem I have is that some users, having paid in the ePDQ system, do not press continue in order to return to the shop, so that the order can be processed through the system and entered into the database. As a result of this, some clients have paid but their orders do not appear in the database. I would appreciate suggestions from anyone who has experience of setting up ePDQ for osCommerce into how they got it to work with the ePDQ CPI. Barclaycard are adamant that by processing the POST transactions their part is complete and that users should not need to click "Continue". My problem is that I can't see that posting to any of the other scripts will result in a "Success" and still enable me to stop "Declined" transactions from going through the shop. Any help would be much appreciated! Richard