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  1. bcmiw330

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hey thanks for the reply Nick...it is too bad...have a good weekend.
  2. bcmiw330

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Has anyone gotten Paypal WPP Direct Website Payments Pro to work with One Page Checkout? I have searched everywhere and I can not seem to find an answer.
  3. bcmiw330

    [Addon] Closest Shipper

    Thanks Jim!! WORKS AWESOME!!! You were right the upsxml module was what was giving me a headache and then I figured out rather quickly the problem I had with the array!
  4. bcmiw330

    [Addon] Closest Shipper

    I ran into a issue where the array was undefined/blank when it came back from the zipcode class I had to move up outside the while the new array maybe this might help someone else..great function!! Needed it for a while now! //new idea need to move $result outside while $result = array(); $distance = 24901.55; while ($closest = tep_db_fetch_array ($closest_query) ) { $new_distance = $this->get_distance ($closest['postcode'], $destination_postcode); //old $result = array(); //WAS ON LINE 363? or SO switch (true) { case ($new_distance === false): // There was an error, so ignore this data break; case ($new_distance === 0): // Can't get any closer than that. Return this shipper's information $result['city'] = $closest['city_name']; $result['state'] = $closest['state_id']; $result['country'] = $closest['country_id']; $result['postcode'] = $closest['postcode']; return $result; break; case ($new_distance < $distance):
  5. bcmiw330

    [Addon] Closest Shipper

    I think the download is missing a file Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ......../includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/upsxml.php' and you have a call to xml 5.php and i didnt see that file either... let me know when you have a chance....great work on the contribution!
  6. bcmiw330

    View source code

    Copy all the files and folders to your local computer with a ftp uploader like wsftp. Then go to your local admin folder make the changes and then upload and over write the existing files! Hope I answered this for ya!
  7. bcmiw330

    looking for backend add-ons

    The second one is a easy fix...i use it everyday and no problems@!!! Love it and saves a ton of time... http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1498 The first one I am not sure about you might want to research the add on's list..
  8. bcmiw330

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Thanks Glen I couldn't figure out what could work since paypal's urls are very different than oscommerce haha
  9. bcmiw330

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    I love this contribution!!! It works great and now I don't have to hand type in cc numbers into a machine..LOVING IT!! My question is: I am trying to find a way to be able to click from my admin customer order page to the details on that transaction in paypal. The reason why I looking for this is so I do not have to search through my many pages of daily transactions to find each order so that I can ship it via first class mail. I wouldn't need this if usps.com would offer first class mailing via their site. Please advise if you have any ideas. I have tried to create a hard url based off the form on the advance search page but I always get 'Our search page is not working correcting, please try again later' or something.. Thank you -Wes
  10. bcmiw330

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    I answered my own question!! Sorry
  11. bcmiw330

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    I am using the older copy of this but I am curious if the same problem still exists. When a person places an order and goes to print the receipt. At the top I have print_order2.php?oID=9345 If someone changes the numbers at the end of the address they can see someone else's mailing address and what they purchases. I am also running purchase without a account so customers still need to be able to access the page without being logged in. Anyone else having this issue??
  12. bcmiw330

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    My problem with this started as soon as my server box was flagged with running recursive DNS. The email I got from godaddy stated that my server "was identified as running an improper configuration of recursive DNS" This is when my paypal problem started! (same time within say 30 mins) It must be related somehow?!? ANY one have any ideas/knows? Thank you, Wes
  13. figure it out? any leads?
  14. bcmiw330

    PayPal IPN - Order Status NOT updating all of a sudden

    any luck??? I have the same issue!!
  15. bcmiw330


    I would love a answer to this too!!