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  1. Thanks a bunch it works beautiful now, I am so glad e have people like you to help us... Thanks for all your help and hard work. Sumfun
  2. Has anyone been able to figures this out? here is the url so you can look if you need to see whats going on. Thanks Sumfun My Webpage
  3. ok lets see if I can explaine my problem. Everything is installed and working correctly, except for the product pages. If you go to a category in the top browser it will say personal protection or candles. but when you click on the item the browser says sumfun's wholesale products instead of what the item is. and in view source its shows title sumfun's wholesale products instead of the product as title and its keyword and description information. I have attached the screenshots to show what I mean as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried auto fill etc even added new items still with the same problem. personal protection picture above its a category 1/2 ounce pepper spray notice no info even in view source there is no meta info. this is the title keywords and description I have added in admin to show its there. Does anyone have any idea as what I need to do as all is working just not that. Thanks Sumfun
  4. Yes I am trying to remove priority mail as shipping options as I can only ship ground. Does anyone know how to remove the option in checkout? Sumfun
  5. sumfun1

    USPS Module

    MAKE SURE THAT IN IN ADMIN Configuration-Shipping/Packaging YOU HAVE THE POSTAL CODE SET TO YOUR ZIPCODE. If not it will give you the error. Sumfun
  6. sumfun1

    wholesale prices

    I hope somone has this contribution? I found an os shop that when you join you see msrp prices, you can also join to (become a wholesaler) and see wholesale prices along with msrp. Is there any contributions out there that will allow me to havemsrp prices for the general customers and wholsale or reseller prices for my wholesalers? Here is the link to the store with that contribution. Click here I truely hope I can get some advice or help as this would be a great asset to my os shop. Sumfun