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  1. In the "search registry" on the right side of most screens of OSC, if you use % for first name and %% for last name, you can get a list of all active registries, which you can then access.
  2. jimcfs

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Could someone please point me to a site where I can see Wishlist in action? I want to see how it works before installing it. Also, is it set up so anyone can go in and look at (and hopefully purchase something in) someone's wishlist? TIA! Jim
  3. I didn't copy the file in the includes/languages/english dir. As my OP stated, "stupid" thing. ;) Thanks for the assist, nonetheless!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  4. If it helps, here's a link to a screenshot. http://www.cfld.com/qtp.jpg
  5. When I pull up quick_stockupdate.php from the Catalog menu, I see the headings QUICK_HEAD1 QUICK_HEAD2 and then the list of categories. When I select one, then I get the headings stated previously on the listing page/form. It appears that data is correct and changes take. However, this is my wife's store, and she'll freak... enough said. ;)
  6. I just installed QTPro. However, when I pull it up, all I get for headings are things like Quick_head1, Quick_head2, QUICK_MODEL QUICK_ID QUICK_NAME QUICK_WEIGHT QUICK_PRICE QUICK_STOCK, etc. What did I do stupid?? ;)