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  1. hafi

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    hi guys, i got this contribution up & running but somehow the formatting looks out of place. The options attribute and add cart button were far below the page, anyone can offer help please. thanks alot! :thumbsup:
  2. hi, which contribution did you installed to have the product_thumb.php file?
  3. hi all, any kind experts can advise where can I add this code: class="reflect" onto html_output.php? I also do not have this product_thumb.php file which I believe is from some contributions. Any kind help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. hi all, I remember seeing one contribution which hide some part of a product descriptions from the guest & when the guest login to his account, the hidden portion was shown to the member. I can't remember the name of the contribution & would be grateful if anyone can provide me the name or link to it. Thanks. regards Anthony