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  1. Recently I replaced my old, heavily modified Mile Stone 2 store with 2.3.1. I wanted some of the same contributions that I had installed 4-5 years ago. I installed 'On The Fly' Auto Thumbnailer and my thumbnails wouldn't display. I just saw the alt text as a link and the product title as a link. The thing that fixed my trouble was replacing the code in catalog/product_thumb.php with the code in this post: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=285510&st=0&gopid=1188192& I also found problems in my catalog\includes\functions\html_output.php because my html editor turned two & into & and | into |, which is a pipe, or vertical bar. It was interesting to see my HTML editor screwing up, but fixing html_output.php with notepad still didn't display my thumbnails, the code in the link did. Danny
  2. KaiAnimation

    Checkout without creating an account

    Yes, it is called Purchase Without Account. Here is a link. Danny
  3. KaiAnimation

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I missed the post with my answer, http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=71088&st=1300# The categories must be the ones specified directly to the products (not parent categories). Thank you. Danny
  4. KaiAnimation

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I like this contribution. I sell books, video and music. I must be misunderstanding something in the Advanced Instructions, because I get "other" as a product_type in my feed for every product. What I think I misunderstand is, what do I use in $catNameTemp? Here is My Website. Here is the edited froogle.php code: //START Advance Optional Values //(0=False 1=True) (optional_sec must be enabled to use any options) $optional_sec = 1; $instock = 0; $shipping = 0; $lowestShipping = "4.95"; //this is not binary. $brand = 0; $upc = 0; //Not supported by default osC $manufacturer_id = 0; //Not supported by default osC $product_type = 1; $currency = 0; $default_currency = "USD"; //this is not binary. $feed_language = 0; $default_feed_language = "en"; //this is not binary. $ship_to = 0; $default_ship_to = "ALL"; //this is not binary, not supported by default osC for individual products. $ship_from = 0; $default_ship_from = "USD"; //this is not binary, not supported by default osC for individual products. //END of Advance Optional Values and { $catNameTemp = strtolower($catName); if($catNameTemp == "manga" || $catNameTemp == "anime art books") $productTypeOut = "book"; else if($catNameTemp == "anime music" || $catNameTemp == "music dvd" || $catNameTemp == "j-pop") $productTypeOut = "music"; else if($catNameTemp == "anime dvds") $productTypeOut = "video"; else $productTypeOut = "other"; $output .= " \t " . $productTypeOut; } Thank you for the help. Danny
  5. KaiAnimation

    is there anybody in there....

    Wow, your post sounds hostile! The answer is 'Yes.' Look for Purchase Without Account. Danny
  6. KaiAnimation

    Header Tags Controller Problem

    What happens when you do what Jack recommended? He is recommending you hard code the title.
  7. KaiAnimation

    Categories box information disappearing

    I viewed your source code and compared it to my site. Right where the categories should be displayed your style class says class="Textbox" and mine says class="boxText" Then yours makes a table with a style class of "categ" mine doesn't make a table and I don't have a new style class. You may want to reload your backup copy of includes/classes/boxes.php and reload your backup copy of includes/boxes/categories.php After the reload of these two files you can mess around with the styles again. That's what I would do on my site. Danny