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    Recover Cart Sales

    I made a typo, this mod works great even with Creloaded. Easy install this was my own mess.
  2. shawnlg

    Recover Cart Sales

    I reread a posting of someone who has a similar question. Any you werent aware of creloaded. Crelaoded is a oscommerce based software that incorporated a bunch of contributions and changes. I really liked it up until recently when they made it a subscription based software. I assume other people who are faithful to the older version like me could really use the help. It cant be too difficult to figure out. I am just not sure.
  3. shawnlg

    Recover Cart Sales

    I use creloaded and dont really want to upgrade to their latest and greatest and trying to get your contrib to work with almost perfect succcess. Is there somewhere I can ask a question to finish getting this to work. The only problem I am having is with the database install code affecting my admin category links. Please let me know where I can go to best ask this question.
  4. I am trying to wrap my mind around this attibutes contribution possibly in a way that makes sense for a client and was hoping you might be able to help based on information I saw on the module feature changes. Here is the deal... I am doing a website for a banner print site and they want the customer to be able to be able to put in the dimensions of the heght and width for a banner to calculate price. If this contribution will do this please help me understand how. Thanks for your help! This has been a huge headache for what should be such an easy project.
  5. Did you figure this out? I have this same need.