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  1. bkpie

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Have not had time yet but someone said that Forevers version posted earlier for 5.2 the handling works but had other bugs. I really need to go get that one and do a compare. I went back and looked and found flying kites ver but does anyone have the link for a.forevers version
  2. bkpie

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    @ Wkdwich I am not familiar with 2.5 either. I was going to try it sometime in the future but time has been very limited. @@tom I will have to look at forevers and see why his handling is working. That seems to be the only issue I have for the services I offer to customers.
  3. bkpie

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I see someone uploaded a 6.1c update here which should help you with your title problems. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487 I will test this one later in the week
  4. bkpie

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I checked and you are correct. Since International is correctly adding the handling fees it should not be hard to find out why domestic is not. I will try and get to it tonight or tomorrow. Busy day today.
  5. bkpie

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    You may want to test this and see. Just 2 files works with my 5.2 version usps 5.zip
  6. If you are trying to uninstall your usps module then in your browser when logged into your store try this (substitute your store address and directories you use). https://www.yoursitenamehere.com/admin/modules.php?set=usps&action=remove
  7. I followed the install instructions on fullofscents 5.2 version and found most the code was already in the files correctly. I think I had to change one thing, If you have the code by Deeth in their you may be ok. I did not test it with 6.1a I reuploaded a new file to the contribution site as ridexbuilder made me aware I grabbed the wrong file and it was in caps. He also cleaned it up Go back to the link above and download the cleaned up one and try it. Just back up your current module file and language file.
  8. I was using 6.1c and went back to 5.2. Just changed the language file to the 5.2 and includes module file that I uploaded in this thread as well as in the USPS Methods contrib. found here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487 You may have to check your files and compare to the 5.2 install since this does not use the utility or xml if you want that. But All seems to work so far.
  9. As well as renaming the above file you will have to remove spaces at top and bottom or get an headers already sent error. I will attach the file without the spaces here. This is the 5.2 methods file already renamed.usps.php
  10. I agree! Both these methods are open to more problems that use way more time to fix than I have. I am thankful for some really good coders out there that help me out. Your idea would be great if it can be done and be able to use it across the multiple versions of Oscommerce or Max.
  11. You can also check this file with a compare tool it is a bit different. Of course you would have to rename it.USPS2.php
  12. Supposedly I now have a fixed USPS.php module for USPS Methods 5.2 I will be testing it later today. Still researching to find why this module here is coming back with incorrect rates.
  13. Another thought I had is Priority mail base price is different for different zones or zip codes. Ex. Shipping Al to Hawaii is more than Al to North Carolina. I wonder if it is pulling the correct base price prior to the additional services. I will try and check that when I get time later today.
  14. I got the label online at click and ship as I usually do and with delivery conf and insurance it would be 8.90 retail.( Online confirmation is actually free) so Online price was $8.40 I have both delivery conf and insurance checked on the module and they definitely add something to the total but that same shipment on the module only came to $8 even. and that included a .20 handling fee. The handling fee is added correctly. Not sure why it would not pull the correct amount.
  15. Just had an order come in from a customer and Priorty Mail on this module spit out $8.00. I went ahead and created the label for that order ($155 order) to see the difference. Internet Price for that order was $8.40 and Retail price $8.90 so since I have retail clicked it would be .90 short.