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  1. Thanks. It helps to know what I'm getting into before I start:) much appreciated. Happy new year!
  2. Hello, I am selling editions of items. And I need a way to keep track of the total stock as well as the stock of the attributes. For example: People can order either by specifying a specific number of the edition or they can just buy one of the edition. If they specify an edition number I need to mark that specific edition number out of stock as well as subtract one from the total stock of the entire edition. In other words, if I do a print run of 200. A customer could order 1 item - the stock is now at 199. The next customer orders 1, edition number 69. In which case the stock of edition number 69 is 0 and the the total stock is now 198. Is there an *easy* way to do this? Or would I have to modify something? any help much appreciated. thanks, sharon
  3. sselden

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    Hello, I can't get this to work. I did a clean install of osc. Copied the files over, added in my userid, password, and key. added the styles to my stylesheet. The result is the if/else block on account_summary_info.php is not executing. Somehow it's not picking up the ups_tracking_num, even though this shows in the admin section. Any ideas what's up? thanks in advance. - sharon