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  1. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    TartanTrader - good news. One of my sites went live with the new payment pages today and the old Worldpay 3c (pre-Auth) mod still worked with re-direction and everything ;)
  2. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    There must be hundreds of OsCommerce shop owners using Worldpay who will be affected by this change... and, like me, upgrading the whole site to MS1 is way beyond possible with the amount of hacks, tweaks and fixes added. Obviously other people (perhaps not using Oscommerce) are struggling too, judging by the amount of times the new roll-out has been pushed back by Worldpay..... So - de-engineer looks like the best way... if only I knew how to do that! Any ideas anyone? :shock: sorry for my double post above btw
  3. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    http://support.worldpay.com/kb/internal/re...ease_guide.html Apparantly, there is better fraud protection - help for shoppers in the payment pages and an improved page editor. I personally just want the darn thing to keep on working come 1st October 2003! Even though the re-direct isn't so elegant - 9.5 times out of 10 it works well.... :(
  4. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    http://support.worldpay.com/kb/internal/re...ease_guide.html An upgrade of your current payment system will take place in August 2003. The main features of the upgrade will include a review of our standard payment pages, and an improved payment page editor. The payment system will also provide a platform for exciting initiatives from Visa and MasterCard, designed to make online shopping even more secure. As you are using customised pages, the visible changes to your payment pages themselves will be limited, but you will benefit from: fraud reduction MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa are online systems that will help reduce fraudulent transactions (which often result in disputes or chargebacks). Using a method similar to a signature on a payment slip in a face-to-face transaction, shoppers will be 'authenticated' by entering a PIN number or password to confirm they are the genuine cardholder. In this way MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa can help stop fraud from taking place - and protect you from some fraud-related chargebacks. Both systems are currently in advanced trials and we plan to make them available to you over the Summer period. help where you need it Your shoppers can now access help within the payment pages, to reassure them whilst they buy. The new help files will guide your shoppers through the payment process and offer an on-the-spot answer to that difficult question. easier to use editor Our improved page editor makes it even easier to customise your payment pages. For the first time you can use the editor to change text on your payment pages, so you may not need additional technical help. What you have to do As you are using customised payment pages, we will migrate all your current page settings to the new payment system. Most of your customised content will remain untouched, but there may be certain files that need your attention. To ensure that migration of your payment pages goes smoothly, we recommend that you take a look at What You Have to Do in the Release Guide. You should: Preview your payment pages using the Preview System Check any files that may need your attention in the Migration Log Back up all your existing files. It is important that you complete this before editing your pages - so if you make a mistake - you can revert to your original version. For more details see Back up and Restore. Edit if necessary, using the Payment Page Wizard or Payment Page Editor to make further changes to your installation The Preview System will be available until your upgrade date, at which time we will automatically transfer your pages over to the new payment system. You can, however, set the payment pages live yourself before this date using the Preview System. For more details see Setting Your Pages Live. We aim to make the upgrade as smooth as possible, and that means keeping you informed every step of the way. We will send you another reminder, with a specific date for your upgrade, in mid-July. We think you'll be impressed with the changes.
  5. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    Hi TartanTrader - I'm in exactly the same boat as you... :cry:
  6. Tim

    Worldpay support III

    Yikes! :o :o :o I am using the old re-direct and it works fine so I'm very alarmed to hear it will cease to work with the upgrade on the 1st October... Thing is, I'm using a OsCommerce snapshot from October last year and I just cannot upgrade to the latest version due to the sites extensive hacks... Would it be too hard to modify the latest Worldpay payment code (both normal and pre-auth) to work with older versions of Oscommerce?
  7. It's looking great though Steve - you clever man! :bigups: Will the script automatically do this and then inform the site admin when the affiliate has reached $50 (or whatever is set) minimum that it's time to pay him/her?
  8. Can this system support deep-linking to products? Text links? Burt is right about the affiliate code not coming through when getting the banner code...