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  1. Can anyone help me to upgrade this obsolete function?

    // captialize all first letters
       $str = preg_replace('/\\b(\\w)/e', 'mb_strtoupper("$1")', mb_strtolower(trim($str)));
    // captialize all first accent letters
       $str = preg_replace("/\\B($specials_first)\\b/e", 'mb_strtoupper("$1")', $str);
       if ($all_uppercase) {
    // capitalize acronymns and initialisms i.e. PO
           $str = preg_replace("/\\b($all_uppercase)\\b/e", 'mb_strtoupper("$1")', $str);

    PHP Deprecated:  preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in


    I'm looking on google and php.net but my english is so poor and I'm not a php programer :(


    Thanks in advance


    Delete the e at the end of \\b/e"



    I believe that's it. you might have to remove the /e. try it out. I remember running into this with a server upgrade to PHP 5.5

  2. Hi,


    well i installed the contrib and see the "Save Product before adding options" message, when i try to add an article.


    But when i try to edit an already saved article, nothing happens. Atrribute manager is missing. No errors, nothing. PHP error reporting is enabled.


    However, in my local xampp installation, i see the attribute bar - everything works fine. But i am getting the


    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated 


    error message. Well this message doesn't apper on my product server, too.



    Well i tried to fix it and changed line 55 from:

    		$attributeManager =& new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSessionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME));


    		$clone = attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSessionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME));
    	$attributeManager = clone $clone;


    I don't know, if that is the correct way! I tried to replace "=& new" with the "clone-function". It seems to work with line 55. But line

    		$attributeManager =& new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']);


    isn't so simple?!? "$test = attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']);" for example does not work. I am not really a coder. But i think to disable error reporting isn't even a correct way...



    But at the moment my problem is, that the ajax attribute manager section is blank!


    greetz Crusher


    I know this is really old, but thought I'd help anyone else running 2.2rca2 and php 5.3.


    To get these errors fixed, simply remove the &.


    $attributeManager = new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSessionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME));




    $attributeManager = new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']);

  3. What version of oscommerce are you using? Did you make the change by following the instructions or by comparing files? If by instructions, is this an upgrade or a new installation?


    I'm running less than 2.3. I used the upgrade instructions. I also noticed in the admin/header_tags_seo.php file, there was some apostrophes that can be removed.


    lines 831, 835, 839, 843

    maxlength="255" size="36"'> the apostrophe after "36"

  4. Hi everyone,


    I am having the exact same issue as @@cyberndj. Did anyone find how to fix this issue? I tried displaying various echo before " switch ($oa_action) " but nothing display wich means this page is not even called by my products_attributes.php page.


    If anyone has found the cause of this issue please reply or PM me please.



    Anyone able to figure this problem out? I'm having the same issue.

  5. I installed v5_0_9 on my RC2a site and the subtotal calculations are not taking options_values_price into account. If i add an attribute value like +10.0000 the total is calculated correctly, but the subtotal displayed only shows the base value.


    I even tried installed v5_0_7 but the affect is the same.


    Any idea how to fix this?

  6. i've installed the latest version of webservices and order editor and i'm not seeing the fedex choices when i go to edit the order. is there a work around for this?


    the code that is suggested by order editor's support forum talks about fedex1.php which was the older fedex module.

  7. i got this to work on 2.2 which is great because the other contributions had problems.


    quick question though, there seems to be a number formating problem. when going through the drop down choices of different attributes. If you go through the list and return to another attribute, the number doesn't round up to the hundredths.


    Instead of showing $27.95 it will show $27.949999999999992




    here is my page to see the problem in action. any suggestion would be great. thanks!

  8. I installed this contribute and it works great except that when i upload the images in the admin and come back the field is blank. If i don't browse my computer and select the images again, the additional images will be lost. Everytime i update a product, I have to browse my hard drive and find those image paths.


    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. another question i have is regarding the prices in my dropdown. is it possible to remove the +$99.99 and still have this contribution work?


    i was thinking if we just white out the price, then it will work and the customer won't see the number.


    thank you