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  1. txigor

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Performance Problem, After a few years of happy working with the USU im facing a problem of database overload. As written on the instructions every time a product is updated the cache is reset. Now Im working with 2k online products and 9k total products and this reset causes a server overload. With only a product its afordable, but when updating 15 or 20 products one after another the server goes unresponsible. Is the cache reset a must do after an update? how can avoid this? Thanx
  2. Hello, Due to the intensive use of my website i need to create an index on cache table. I did it using phpmyadmin but its deleted some time after i create it. I realized my cache is created often because the creation date time showed by phpmyadmin change every 3-4 hours. I assumed thats the class who do this and added this code to the creation sql statement: KEY `cache_expires` (`cache_expires`) But the table isn't created with the index. What can be happening, why my cache table is created so often. Hope someone can help. Thanks Zigor