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  1. Hi. im facing a problem wich im not able to solve by reading diffrent solutions in the internet the problem is that i have a quiet heavily modefied shop. and when i push the button on the login page. i get this script error FB.login() called before calling FB.init(). in firefox debug console. i have been searching for solutions to this problem. and one problem could be that the same file is loaded twice. but thats not the case.
  2. Hi Mortal, please dont add any more contributions, I'm not sure if you're fully responsible for Ajax Attribute Manager OAI Version but you really shouldn't have posted it in the state its in. No documentation, missing tables and fields, bug ridden all cloaked with error_reporting(0). Please repost fixed or at least warn others not to use it.

  3. well. im not really sure what version he is using to base his version on. i know that "AJAX-AttributeManager-V2.8.7 (full QT Pro support) RusNN 27 Jan 2010" is working that is the version i have build on. and i know that the latest version is not based on my contribution. because it was delayed because of the large filesize. if you begin with rusnns contribution id guess you are better of to begin with. atleast its fast to exchange the whole folder. you dont need to edit any files. except perhaps the ajax AM config file. Ps. i would suggest using my version as it extends the functions of the manager by several points. AJAX-AttributeManager-V2.8.7 (add/edit options & values OAI) mortal 5 Mar 2010 its based on the first one i recommended. and all the changes made are switchable from config file.
  4. i dont have the solution unfortunately. but when you push the link/button you submit the whole form. like you would normaly when you are done editing the product. and i had the same error with an older version. the problem was solved with the version PETER (rusnn) posted. have you tried to debug it via firefox "firebug" ? it will give some hints as to why its doing as it does. wich version are you using ? (date & author)
  5. hi Lasseboy. its because you are submitting the categories form. it sounds like the same problem i had PETER. but that was because i had a older version of ajax AM. i have tinymce installed and thumbnails on the fly. and i have no problems.
  6. Peter (RusNN) is right. and second option would be the best choice. but if i were to do it i would dublicate the template function. not alter it. because it is usefull also. or at least set a flag in the template table to tell it its a global template. i actually dont think its too hard to do. but i dont really see the point of multiple productes using the same attributes. why not convert the products to arrtibute instead. well. perhaps you really need to do it that way with your kind of products. good luck creating the function. and please post it back to the community Ps. peter my english is not good either. but thats not an issue. as long as we understand each other :)
  7. hi. unfortunatly its not working that way. once you fetch a template for a product. it only copies the attributes to that one product. and thats it. if you alter the template. it only affects the products you add it to in the future. not those you added it to in the past. if you want it the other way you need to alter the core way attributes is build up in some way.
  8. Hi. im not sure if its a good thing. if you do so. it will in the shop register it as a minus (-) because the shop logic is like this if ($attribute_setupprice['price_prefix'] == '+') { }else{ } but if you insist. you could do a search for prefix in classes/attributeManagerInstant.class.php for this if((empty($prefix))||($prefix==' ')){ $prefix='+'; } simply comment out either one line or all 3 if((empty($prefix))||($prefix==' ')){ // $prefix='+'; } im not sure if thats all. but try it also. right above that line. you see $price='0.0000'; try to alter those lines to suit your needs
  9. well. i think i got it working now. editing options+values and options as images (using tinybrowser)
  10. well. i use danish wich contains special characters. but im facing no problems with that. i was not sure how to implement the delete and edit feature. but i decided to add them to the select menu where one adds a new option. this approach removes the ability to delete and edit options already selected for that specific product. but its only a matter of delete the option associated to that specific product. then its deletable. and perhaps in the future i will add the feature in the attributes list itself. it just seemed most logic to collect the actions there. and i decided that when deleting a option it also deletes all values associated to it. and also all attributes using this option. i did this because when using this attributemanager. they are conected to each other when creating a attribute. so if a option was deleted the values vould be invisable. except if one uses the old manager. well. option type is used alot on my side. it adds the ability to show the attribute as a checkbox,textfield,textarea, radiobutton and so on. unfortunatly qtpro is not implemented fully yet. yes. im also planning on implementing options as images. i dont think it will be that great a problem if i use tinybrowser again. im not using SPPC but something similar. but it does not allow additional pricing pr. attribute. so please make it optional when you get to that :) i will try to create a package to send you soon. but im not entirely sure when at the moment. (im working on the edit feature still)
  11. Hey peter, i have made som modefications to the contribution : 1. tinybrowser for selecting download file and uploading and so on (the manager is included in the package) 2. made a delete button for both options and values 3. option type integration (select option type and field size) all 3 are switchable from the config file and i was wondering if anyone would like to test this before putting it in the contributions area ?
  12. Well well.human failure (as so often before) a long time ago i had made symlinks for the files to a central fileset on the server. but as i NOW remember i could not symlink attributeManager.php and left it not linked. and when i then only replace the core files. naturally it is not updated. jesus. how stupid can one be...... hehe. well. solved. and i will try to get edit and deletion of options and values working.
  13. thank you for that info. it supports my suspision. thats its a cache problem. also. i still see the input fields for sortorder. not the arrows. do you know if its somehow possible to disable a caching function ? BTW. i have added the option type to the contribution. is anyone interested in that ?
  14. Thank you very much for the fast reply. well. my english is not very good anyway. so explaining can be quiet hard too :) well. simply the words are missing in quantity: for some reason it only writes t: and i have made no alterations to the languagefile and no alterations to the main manager file. i have only tried to implement "option type" but thats only in the popup class. and the same problem is present even with clean install of manager. but im actually suspecting it to be some kind of cache issue. because even if i rename attributeManager.php file. i still get the manager displayed on the page. wich is very wierd. and if i type in som faulty code or even just some plane debug words. they dont show up..... so perhaps im syuck with the old previous version in cache somehow. and i have tried to empty cache. its an anoying error.... and even if i use a clean categories.php file. its the same issue. its all on the same domain. the working version is on a subdomain of that same domain. perhaps i need to look more into the cache issue before going on.
  15. to rusNN Hi. i get this script error root is not defined function onclick(event) { return root("option1,option2,option8"); }(Object { name="event"})catego...t/seq/4 (linje 2) [break on this error] return root("option1,option2,option8"); when i try to add a stock. but this only happens in my highly modefied osc. in a stock osc version it works fine. does it tell you something about what i need to look for ? also. the green check button for adding the stock is missing the words quantity and when pushing it submits the whole form of the page.