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  1. Redlining13

    SEO Sitemap contribution - Important Issues

    concerning google and its dislike for redirects... will the javascript redirect affect ranking in anyway? or raise the possibility of being penalized or worse banned? I know the question has been asked a few times, but i havent seen a definitive answer to this question. If so, then is there another option for creating a search engine friendly sitemap? Any insite would be appreciated
  2. Redlining13

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    Ok, I fugred a few things out. First, the tracking numbers I used proved to be invalid afterall, and the ones I used from the UPS adobe file can only be used if you comment out the $host = 'www.ups.com'; line and uncomment out the $host = 'wwwcie.ups.com'; (otherwise the tracking numbers show up invalid). So for anyone having the "blank screen" problem, you are probably using invalid tracking numbers. Try using 1Z6107920342378355, it worked for me, and it is pretty recent. Second, the reason I was still able to log into ups, even with the wrong userid, is b/c I actually stored my userid and password on their site (with the netscape "remember your login info" tool). So I was able to still login. If I change my access key, however, I can no longer login. So anyone having that trouble, just check for that. Basically, shows what happens when you make a few careless mistakes. Hopefully, my post will help a few people out. By the way, thanks to Steve for the great contribution, and more so, the amount of effort he put into replying to others and being active in the community. Thanks again.
  3. Redlining13

    [Contribution] UPS XML Tracking

    i've also been having the same problem with this mod. (blank windows in both tracking.php and popup_tracker.php) I have cURL compiled with openSSL, my server does support XML, and I have a UPS account with userid, pw and access key. I dont know whats wrong. I tried using the ob_start(); suggestion. the windows are no longer empty, but any tracking code I use is either invalid or has a 151044 Error message from UPS. I even tried the same tracking numbers on Steves site (www.frigidfluidco.com) and I get the same errors. I know the tracking numbers work, because it works on www.healthlifepharmacy.com Infact, even when I take my userid out and put in the wrong id, I get the same reply from UPS, shouldnt it not even connect me since I didnt put in the wrong information? Any help would be appreciated. thank in advance