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  1. hello i have recently installed create custom account, but now cant seem to be able to complete purchase, i can login and add product to cart but when i get to delivery information page , and select continue i seem to return to this page again. has anyone had this problem or can anyone help at all to fix this. http://www.hypertech.co.nz is the site, as it makes it hard to complete a transaction. thanxs to any help, i have had alook at some of the files but being a scripting nobody, cant seem to see what could or where to look to find the solution. thanxs titch
  2. Hello, just a small error, im trying to create a froogle files as in : Download EP and Froogle Files and Create EP and Froogle Files in Temp Dir (/temp/) when i click on the processes i seem to end up with a link address and go to a web page of nothing really, can any body help at all. i cant seem to make any file at all is their a small trick im missing at all, (-: thanxs titch
  3. hello im trying to install this contrib but their is no install info, just to be sure im not positive what all this means when expanded. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,326 also looking to install this contrib : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1401 what version is this refering to :Adds the ability to actually copy products instead of just linking. This must be used with package V2.0. thanxs any help appreciated, titch
  4. hello im trying to install the above contribution but it says to install library files, i take it those are the below files http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2844 Liscence files library files do i install these through my php mysql in database admin, and do i just install these there, sorry install a bit loose , should try to tidy them up a bit. cheers titch
  5. hello, titch here i have my store with goods inclusive of tax, i think thats a better way to be, than getting stung at the end of checkout with a price increase. what i would like to know is their a way i can get tax to show up on the orders info line of my stores admin. this would make it easier for me to do my accounts or does someone know of a better solution. Also how can i change the confirmation of an order a customer is sent to include bank account details ect. titch
  6. titch


    Hello titch here im no expert on this but i couldnt use excel , i ended up using open office.org. this has worked for me , so far. cant remember the process but open csv file with org and select tab then deselect the " on the second window, if you have trouble, will try to go through and get a better instructions worded. good luck
  7. Hello Was looking for a header tag to use for manufacturers code, im using the v_products_model tag for the distributors code , but is their one for the manufacturers code. the reason i use the v_products_model tag is its easier to find the product on their site, or is their a header tag to use for the distributor instead. any help appreciated , titch
  8. yeah i had similar problems with excel and saving as tab delimited, in the end started using open office .org but that took a little playing till i got that right
  9. Hello Keress, this is the one i use , not sure if it is the same, works ok for me but their may be better!! dont know http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,wysiwyg+editor if you have a new site that hasnt been changed , install is pretty good, if your site has been changed, a bit more work. backup all files before your change them. some times good to find a support thread first before installing a contrib , to see what the problems may be. derek
  10. titch

    how do i disable https? and do i need it?

    im testing my site on the server will this work with ssl
  11. hello, i need a small bit of info. i was setting up my site and got https going and also installed Pwa (PURCHASE WITHOUT ACCOUNT) contrib, it seems to be their. Now since im only accepting direct credit payment into my bank account, and im having trouble with the https ( im running shared ssl on i powerweb, seems to be a problem) is it easier to disable https, and if so how, iv only found threads on how to get it going. im getting trouble getting to the end of checkout in https so i presume since no paypal or merchant account i dont really need it. if i setup paypal, or is their better ones will i then have to enable https again. thanxs (beating my head against a brick wall at the moment.) derek
  12. titch

    404 error on order_info.php

    thanxs matey , found i didnt have the full install package
  13. hi all have installed the PWA contribution, which is supposed to make it so that people don't have to create an account when buying... in PWA, there's a redirect.php file, which takes the user off to order_info.php but we don't have order_info.php anywhere in the site! we have the latest default install of oscommerce. is there some extra contribution to install as well?? cheers B)
  14. Hello just a small querrie, i have been doing my store and playing with the upload files, getting my headings right ECT! Now im nearlly getting it right, but should i start fresh and get rid of all the extra settings on my site and start afresh as to get all the categories in the right order and correct way that i want or is it better to just leave them in their and just move them about till i get what i want. so as i can get all pic's and info in the right place. i havnt got to much on their now so all im losing is descriptions for products but i do have files for those any way. also is their a correct way to close the admin or logout of the store as i see no logout, or does this not matter. thanxs titch