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  1. I have installed yasu2 alll seems to be right... _ have modify apache httpconf with loadmodule not add module required cause 2.0.49 version. _ have set allow override to options _ have replaced by the default htacces and update html output etc... but when i try to use a categorie the server says no page existing for /myshop/categorie all links on boxes are working ..but url seems not to be rewrited. I work on a ms2 with a lot of contributions all working fine so... If someone has had the same problem... :D
  2. binsou

    categories tabv2

    Hello, i'm using categories tab V2 and i want to customize the tab with different colors. I'm lokking for a psd version of the tab curve pictures... If someone has this kind of stuff or know how to contact the man who does.... thanks a lot.
  3. Hello, i have installed tab pages unlimited 1.0 on ms2 version and all works fine i can create img tabs that appears in the header...but. But i don't know how to use it....there is only one tab who does effectively something the tab that i call catalog as it's said in the doc. I don't know how to link the tabs in order to make appear the right category (toto) when mouse clicks on the tab (toto)... If someone can tell me how to do?