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  1. Hi All, Can anyone advise as to why I am getting a blank hsbc_return.php once customers are returned to the store? I've checked the forums and there's no extra space, coding etc at the top of that file, and I previously removed the line "java/"from spiders.txt in order to solve the problem of orders not posting to admin (which worked) Now everything works, orders get posted to admin, but just got this issue of a blank screen to solve! Any ideas as to what to check would be greatly appreciated! thanks, Rob
  2. I know one of the HSBC modules in the contributions section requires PHP to have the mhash and mcrypt modules installed. Is that the case for the other one too. Has anyone successfully installed this module and can give some pointers?
  3. dobsy

    HSBC Integration advice

    I am integrating the HSBC epayments module, with the Hash generator. The site is SSL protected etc. Question is: How/where should the Hash Key generating scripts be installed and how/where are they referenced in Oscommerce. How can I test they are working ok? many thanks