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  1. koopmanh

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, I noticed that when showing products the sitemap.php also displays products where the products_status is 0. Maybe this is intentional but not for our site(s) I changed the sitemap.php query on line 76 to: $db_query = tep_db_query("select pd.products_id, pd.products_name from products p, products_description pd inner join products_to_categories p2c on pd.products_id = p2c.products_id where p.products_id=pd.products_id and p2c.categories_id = '" . (int)$category_id . "' and p.products_status='1' and pd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); Regards Hans
  2. koopmanh

    Information Pages SEO addon

    Hi Jack, I have altered your code a little since I needed the following functionality: I wanted to display an information page link on my product_info page for all products belonging to a specific manufacturer. And I wanted it to be displayed on the product info screen (not in a box) . What I did is changed your code in cm_pi_information_pages.php. Your origin: $where = "pages = 'all'"; if (isset($_GET['cPath'])) { $where .= " or FIND_IN_SET ('cid',pages) or FIND_IN_SET ('cid=" . tep_db_input($_GET['cPath']) . "',pages) "; } else if (isset($_GET['manufacturers_id'])) { $where .= " or FIND_IN_SET ('mid',pages) or FIND_IN_SET ('mid=" . tep_db_input($_GET['manufacturers_id']) . "',pages) "; } else if (isset($_GET['products_id'])) { $where .= " or FIND_IN_SET ('pid',pages) or FIND_IN_SET ('pid=" . tep_db_input($_GET['products_id']) . "',pages) "; } My changes: $where = "pages = 'all'"; if (isset($_GET['products_id'])) { $where .= " or FIND_IN_SET ('pid',pages) or FIND_IN_SET ('pid=" . tep_db_input($_GET['products_id']) . "',pages) "; if (INFORMATION_PAGES_SEO_ALSO_MAN_PAGES === 'true'){ //find corresponding manufacturers_id $man_id=tep_db_fetch_array(tep_db_query("select manufacturers_id from products where products_id='". tep_db_input($_GET['products_id'])."' limit 1")); $where .= " or FIND_IN_SET ('mid=" . $man_id['manufacturers_id'] . "',pages) "; } } I removed the first part of your code since in product_info I believe there is no cPath or manufacturers_id being populated in the form when calling product_info.php. I added a new parameter. If this is set to true the pages belonging to that manufacturer are also shown in the product page. Maybe this feature is interesting for u to add to your great contribution.
  3. koopmanh

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, Sorry , forget my last post. I probably made a mistake when installing the update causing my htc_description_tag fields te be empty. So I restored my old values and its working again. Next time i'll check better regards Hans
  4. koopmanh

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I noticed today that my Header content meta description is not filled with the data that I put into the categories_htc_description field, but instead its showing the default index text since I moved over to another host and upgraded the mod to version to 3.3.7. I still use the pre-phoenix (BS) version because my site is heavily modified (and bootstrap 4 needs a lot of changing). My index page is not yet modularized. Can you give me a hint where your code makes the call to insert the standard text instead of the categories_htc_description . Thanks in advance Hans
  5. koopmanh

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, Just to mention: when using PHP 7.4 there is an error in modules/header_tags_seo/header_tags_opengraph.php : Deprecated: Unparenthesized `a ? b : c ? d : e` is deprecated. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d : e` or `a ? b : (c ? d : e)` Its the statement: $ogArray['availability'] = ($og['products_date_available'] > date('Y-m-d H:i:s') ? 'pending' :$og['products_quantity'] > 0 ? 'instock' : 'oos'); I guess the resolution is: $ogArray['availability'] = ($og['products_date_available'] > date('Y-m-d H:i:s') ? 'pending' :($og['products_quantity'] > 0 ? 'instock' : 'oos')); grtz Hans
  6. koopmanh

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I just installed the update on my admin side. I run into two twings: first the version still show 3.3.6 secondly I think the version-checker produces a strange result: in the file header_tags_seo.php line 597: <td class="smallText" align="right" style="font-weight: bold; color: red;"><?php echo AnnounceVersion($contribPath, $currentVersion, $contribName); ?></td> outputs an complete array <start screendump get http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5851 Array ( [0] => [1] => [2] => [3] => [4] => [5] => [6] => [7] => [8] => [9] => [10] => [11] => [12] => [13] = end screendump> It looks like the result of the function in version checker is not what it should be: FYI: I currently running the admin on php 5.6
  7. Raiwa, Nice new feature of PWA But still the behaviour should not be that if user choose NOT to take that option the points are added to the pending table. Hans
  8. Raiwa , in our shops a customer guest account cannot opt later for an account. (using account_PWA mod) I can see in my DB that this user is not added to the normal account table (normal behaviour). Hans
  9. Hi Raiwa, I noticed a probable bug: When a user is using a Guest Account, the points are still added to the pending table. This is causing some strange behavior on the admin side. I think that maybe in the function "listen_CheckoutProcessAddPoints" there should be a additional check if the customer is using a Guest account. Hans
  10. Hi Raiwa, I would propose 2 changes for the installation: 1) When installing set de Header Tag Module default on inactive: When installing in a Live shop you need to adjust some settings before you can really start using this module 2) Split the warning message "Points and Rewards Header Tag Module is not installed. It is required. Install Now Points and Rewards Header Tag Module" in two parts: One for the fact that it's really not installed Second if the module is not active. Now it jumps to an install when you have the module inactive and starts installing. It suggest that the files are modified again. BTW: Can you provide me a link to where I can store the language files? Or do you propose that I make an separate upload to the oscommerce apps store Hans
  11. Raiwa, I used the BS installed version. I noticed the hooks line was added twice in the checkout_process page. So I remove one and the error is gone. The module works like a charm Furthermore I changed the sisow payments modules and the dutch ideal module so the also will work now with this Point & Rewards module. I translated also the module in Dutch, so if you want I can upload this. Finally I'm working on one feature for this module : In my shop we don't want to allow all shipping methods or all payments methods to be rewarde with points. For example if you use Paypal or AmEx we will not reward points (because we want to push our customers to cheaper payment methods) Best regards Hans
  12. Hi I tried to install this contribution on my testshop (not phoenix but the gold edition). When I checkout and made a full payment with points I got the following error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class hook_shop_checkout_process_points in /testshop/includes/hooks/shop/checkout_process/points.php on line 27 Somewhere this class is already declared but I don't know where.
  13. Hi Raiwa, Great work this modular shopping module! I made a small additional module called continue shopping. Basically its just a button that allows the user to get easy back to the store. (see attachment). If the code is ok by you maybe you can add it to an update of the modular shipping module. Also I would like to ask if you already managed to provide something that If the user selects a shipping method he is not guided to checkout_shipping but to checkout_payment. cm_sc_continue_shopping.php continue_shopping.php cm_sc_continue_shopping.php
  14. koopmanh

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, Ive installed your contrib the latest version. However on the social tab the Icons don't show up in the header_tags_seo_social.php I did some checking and it seems that the GetSocialIconsArray() function is not picking up the right directory, since the array returned is empty. I changed the DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES to DIR_WS_IMAGES because of the path is then correct. However it is still not working. Do you have a solution or a way I can check?
  15. koopmanh

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim, On my dual language site (dutch and english) the generic box is showing Up in the English language but not in the Dutch language. I did some testing and found out why: In Language.php the name for nl is Dutch. In the admin however (during your install) the name is: Nederlands. Therefore the keys are named _NEDERLANDS instead of _DUTCH. Maybe it is better to use the language.php from the client side instead of the admin or create an own one since most foreign language are named differently Hopes this helps cheers HAns