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    GBuy... who is working on a Mod?

    I just purchased the Google Checkout module from http://www.graith.co.uk/ and installed it on a CRE Loaded V6.2 store and the install took about 10 minutes because the instructions provided by Brian are very clear and precise. This module installs about the same on osCommerce MS2.2 or CRE Loaded I found. Within 5 minutes after I installed the code I received several orders using Google Checkout!! The only question I have is that it when you add attributes to your shopping cart and then go to checkout, the price adds up correctly but it doesn?t add the attributes options. So there would be no way to determine what the customer added to the product. Is there a fix for this or am I just missing something. Great Module Brian and keep up the good work as I know using Google Checkout with my osCommerce store will increase sales greatly. You can see the Google Checkout I have installed at work here: http://www.websitetemplatedesign.com/