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  1. SORRY Ive forgot to to run the cache install file....
  2. :huh: About Ultimate SEO URLs v2.0 for CRE Loaded Hello Bobby "chemo" team ! I'm trying to install seo on a 6.15 creload... all is ok except that msg 1146 - Table 'trowoods_trowoods.cache' doesn't exist DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_expires <= '2005-06-22 11:22:31' [TEP STOP] Seems that a table or something missing... An idea ? Thanks 4 your help
  3. tchaoo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Here's the missing define to include/language/english.print_my_order.php define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Article'); define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_MODEL', 'Model'); define('TABLE_HEADING_UNIT_PRICE', 'Price Unit'); define('TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL', 'Total Price'); define('ENTRY_SOLD_TO', 'Sold to'); define('ENTRY_SHIP_TO', 'Send to'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_INVOICE', 'Invoice'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_NUMBER_SIGN', 'n?'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_ORDER', 'Order'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_DATE_OF_ORDER', 'Date of order'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_COLON', ':'); define('INVOICE_TEXT_DASH', '/'); define('ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment mode: ');
  4. tchaoo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Version 6... Nice work... Got an error on the print invoice page 1054 - Unknown column 'backorders' in 'field list' select backorders from orders_status_history where orders_id = '216' [TEP STOP] Am I alone ?
  5. tchaoo

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hello Sorry if the question has already been asked, but I was unable to find anything about langages... My default language is French... I have to publish to Froogle Germany I've set language option to "de" But the export is still in french Have you an idea to correct this ? Thanks $taxRate = 19.6; //default = 0 (e.g. for 17.5% tax use "$taxRate = 17.5;") $taxCalc = ($taxRate/100) + 1; //Do not edit $convertCur = true; //default = false $curType = "EUR"; // Converts Currency to any defined currency (eg. USD, EUR, GBP) if($convertCur) { $productURL = "http://www.arts-primitifs.com/shop-africain/product_info.php?currency=" . $curType . "&products_id="; //where CURTYPE is your currency type (eg. USD, EUR, GBP) } //START Advance Optional Values //(0=False 1=True) (optional_sec must be enabled to use any options) $optional_sec = 1; $instock = 0; $shipping = 0; $lowestShipping = "4.95"; //this is not binary. $brand = 0; $upc = 0; //Not supported by default osC $manufacturer_id = 0; //Not supported by default osC $product_type = 0; $currency = 1; $default_currency = "EUR"; //this is not binary. $feed_language = 1; $default_feed_language = "de"; //this is not binary. $ship_to = 0; Export exemple : product_url name description price image_url category offer_id currency language http://www.arts-primitifs.com/shop-africain/product_info.php?currency=EUR&products_id=35 Lance pierre Lobi Tr?s beau lance-pierre Lobi en provenance du Burkina Faso. L'objetrepr?sente une divinit? f?ninine, le manche estnoueux, belle patine d'usage. Bois dur, livr? socl?. Pi?cepeu courante et ? petit prix. -- +/- 5 Burkina Faso Lobi- 23 x 10 0.205 70 ? 70.00 http://arts-primitifs.com/shop-africain/images/lance_pierre_lobi_03_face.jpg Mus?e 35 EUR de http://www.arts-primitifs.com/shop-africain/product_info.php?currency=EUR&products_id=36 Masque Baoul? Masque baoul? en bois tr?s dur. Patine extraordinaire,coiffure traditionnelle finement repr?sent?e. Marques descarifications rituelles sur le front, les tempes et les joues. Livr? sursocle amovible. Mati?re : Bois. Remarques : sur son socle, excellent ?tat, fenteinvisible sur l'arri?re due au changement hygronom?trique. Socle +/- 5 Côte d'Ivoire Baoulé 32 x 16 0.950 195 € 195.00 http://arts-primitifs.com/shop-africain/images/masque_baoule_1.jpg Mus?e 36 EUR de
  6. Thanks bobby for this great idea... BUT ;o))) If I do modify my config. php, it works perfectly well except a few links : create a new account, lost password, if I click on the shopping cart box link to see what is in the shopping cart etc... OSC look after www.myshop.com/thefile.php instead of www.myshop.com/catalog/thefile.php --> Error 404 ! I've tried different things on config.php, no way. I do not know if it can have a correlation with Ultimate SEO and your other contrib cache class. If you have an idea, it is great, If not thanks for your help, i will stay with URL without www. It works !!! ;o)) Bruno
  7. URL Rewriting & http://www.website.com VS http://website.com Hello, it seems that since I have set these great contrib, All my products are nox googlelized like this way : http://website.com/catalog/myproduct.html And the PR I use to have with pages like http://www.website.com/catalog/ have vanish... The fact is that I would like to force the website read with the www. I've tried to put some xtra code in htaccess, but it put the miss... I have 2 htaccess one in the root RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^arts-primitifs.com$ RewriteRule ^(.*) http://www.arts-primitifs.com/$1 [QSA,L,R=301] # $Id: .htaccess,v 1.3 2003/06/12 10:53:20 hpdl Exp $ # Set some options Options -Indexes Options FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / # # Skip the next two rewriterules if NOT a spider RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !(msnbot|slurp|googlebot) [NC] RewriteRule .* - [S=2] # # case: leading and trailing parameters RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)&osCsid=[0-9a-z]+&(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule (.*) $1?%1&%2 [R=301,L] # # case: leading-only, trailing-only or no additional parameters RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^(.+)&osCsid=[0-9a-z]+$|^osCsid=[0-9a-z]+&?(.*)$ [NC] RewriteRule (.*) $1?%1 [R=301,L] # # This is used with Apache WebServers # # For this to work, you must include the parameter 'Options' to # the AllowOverride configuration # # Example: # # <Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs"> # AllowOverride Options # </Directory> # # 'All' with also work. (This configuration is in the # apache/conf/httpd.conf file) # The following makes adjustments to the SSL protocol for Internet # Explorer browsers <IfModule mod_setenvif.c> <IfDefine SSL> SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" \ nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \ downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0 </IfDefine> </IfModule> # Fix certain PHP values # (commented out by default to prevent errors occuring on certain # servers) #<IfModule mod_php4.c> # php_value session.use_trans_sid 0 # php_value register_globals 1 #</IfModule> And another in the /catalog RewriteEngine On # Change "folder" to your catalog directory name RewriteBase /shop-africain/ RewriteRule ^(.*)-p-(.*).html$ product_info.php?products_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} RewriteRule ^(.*)-c-(.*).html$ index.php?cPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} RewriteRule ^(.*)-m-(.*).html$ index.php?manufacturers_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} Is it possible to merge something, to keep my www everywhere in the website, keeping ultimate seo ? Thanks a lot Bruno
  8. tchaoo

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hello thank a lot for the contrib... i would like to modify the number of characters that can be display in meta title ? is it possible ?
  9. Hello thank a lot for the contrib... i would like to modify the number of characters that can be display in meta title ? is it possible ?
  10. Hello There !!! :'( I've just been installing this newsletter mod. It seems that everything is working, except that I had'nt find out how to include the unsubscribe link in the NL i would like to create... Is there is a special syntax ? Thanks