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  1. k2chris1983

    2Checkout V2 Instructions

    ok so what i have seen here, we have to setup a DB on 2CO side, so the Products will Show up on the 2CO Order Page am i right? And we have to have Force Cookies enable, if we have Shared SSL just disable it in the Config file? But setting up the Product Database for 2CO how you do this correctly? Sorry, i freak out when they upgraded and just been crazy about this update. Sorry if i have been annoy.
  2. k2chris1983

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Ok never mind on that Force Cookie, got that to work i think... Now the Force Cookie is Enable, when i get to the 2CO area, i get the Total but no Product Infomation..
  3. k2chris1983

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    So i have to enable Force Cookies, so that 2co will get the order??? But when that comes up, You have to Enable Cookies, i did what it say to do.. But didn't Work at all.. So ???
  4. k2chris1983

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    I download the pm2checkout v2.1a, install that then enable the Corce Cookies. When i try to do a somewhat Test, it came back saying cookies where not enable which they where. So i disable the Force Cookie, and so far things seem to work i guess.. lol I got to the 2CO where you put the Credit Card info and it had the Products.
  5. k2chris1983

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    ok here i go, If i download that update pm2checkout v2.1, everything should for V2? I also have a Shared SSL, what do i have to do to make this thing work? lol I am sorry i have been freaking out for the past few days on this... And i just wish someone will help me out. Is there anything els i need to know or do?
  6. k2chris1983


    so does anyone know?
  7. k2chris1983


    Is the osCommerce ready for 2CO Version 2? I was wonder if the Payment Routine is the same or so? I have no clue just need some help i guess... i look in the pm2checkout.php and i see this as the form_action_url $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.2checkout.com/cgi-bin/Abuyers/purchase.2c'; Do i replace that url to the Payment Routine of this? https://www.2checkout.com/2co/buyer/purchase