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  1. I'm using this contrib... but.. Right now, I'm trying to add master products http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...master+products it also has modifications to categories.php the problem is it doesn't have a aca module and i have no clue how to add the changes.... can anyone help? the install.txt has basically 3 additions to the original categories.php. but i'm not sure how to add it to aca's categories.php...
  2. Hi, when page cache and box cache are both enabled, the placeholder <osCsid> is actually cached by the box cache (like the catagory box). this becomes a problem when the user go to a page that that does not incorporate page cache, the placeholder <osCsid> will then be displayed like http://localhost/index.php?cPath=1&%3CosCsid%3E
  3. Hope this is not a stupid question. But what is the use/purpose of more than 1 table per geo region? never mind figured it out after reading define('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_1_TABLE_1_TEXT_WAY', 'Ground'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_1_TABLE_2_TEXT_WAY', 'Second Day'); define('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_1_TABLE_3_TEXT_WAY', 'Next Day');
  4. Is it possible so that approval of gift voucher is tied to order processing? So that when the order that contains the gift voucher goes say from pending to Delievered, the gift voucher is automatically approaved for use as well?