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  1. Ozdemir

    Multiple size order for one color

    Anyone? If there is no addon already created for this, I am willing to pay someone to create us an addon to allow us what we want to do. You guys, who can build an addon for this, are welcome to PM me the cost. Will pay with paypal... thanks
  2. Ozdemir

    Custom Product Builder

    Mike, Will your product builder addon work as i need it as explained at http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=320467 ? I really need to get this done so shopping will be easier for our customers... It is time consuming for them to keep going back so as to get different size of selected colors.. thanks
  3. Hey Guys, Is there any addon or any way to allow buyers to select a color and then they will be able to purchase more than one available size? For Example, In product page under the attributes they will have the options of colors Black Blue Red..... When They select black it will display box containing Small Medium Large Xlarger They will be able to purchase 1 Small Black 2 Medium Black on one page without clicking on add to chart... Once Color and Amount of each Size selected then they will click on Add To chart.. Once add to chart clicked Shopping cart will show what they have purchased like 1 Product Name Color Black Size Small 2 Product Name Color Black Size Medium Is this possible? If yes how?
  4. Ozdemir

    Unsuccessfull Connection with PayPal

    in paypal.php where you have the paypal form action url, the url was not match with the one paypal provides its customer. I just updated the form action with the current paypal form url. I recommend this to everyone who will let paypal be one of the payment methods. this script was causing the problem: $checkout_form_action = 'https://secure.paypal.com/xclick/business=' . rawurlencode(PAYPAL_ID) . '&item_name=' . rawurlencode(STORE_NAME) . '&amount=' . number_format(($total_cost + $total_tax),2) . '&shipping=' . number_format($shipping_cost, 2) . '&return=' . urlencode(HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_CATALOG . FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS . '?paypal_return=' . $paypal_return); I replaced it with $checkout_form_action = 'https://paypal.com/xclick/business=' . rawurlencode(PAYPAL_ID) . '&item_name=' . rawurlencode(STORE_NAME) . '&amount=' . number_format(($total_cost + $total_tax),2) . '&shipping=' . number_format($shipping_cost, 2); and It works perfect.
  5. Ozdemir

    Unsuccessfull Connection with PayPal

    Never Mind Problem is solved
  6. Ozdemir

    Unsuccessfull Connection with PayPal

    Hi there everybody, Well I am experiencing a problem with the payment section of the osCommerce even if the all requiered fields by paypal are correct. At the end of the shopping when customer clicks on process button They get this message from paypal "The requested URL /xclick/business=ozdemir@twdhosting.com&item_name=BuinessName&amount=95.40&shipping=0.00&return=http://twdhosting.com/v-web/ecommerce/os/catalog/checkout_process.php?paypal_return=paypal%7C0%7C0%7C%7C%26 was not found on this server. " Ok if you take a look at it little bit more closer you will see "item_name" is entered as Business Name where the Business Name is the Store Name in osCommerce database. Should item_name be the products name instead of the Store Name? Please let me know what to do. Your help means a lot to me to solve this problem. Thanks for all replies.