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    equilla got a reaction from spc456 in Support Thread for Supertracker Contribution   
    Now uploaded to the contributions area here : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3453
    The supertracker contrib is designed to give you more information on which to base marketing decisions for your osCommerce store. I created the supertracker contrib because, although there were some contribs around that provide a more detailed who's online tool, nothing quite gave me the information I was after.
    Here is the information that is recorded for each customer arriving at your site:
    referring page
    referring query (so we can get at keywords used if search engine)
    landing page (including query string - important for Pay Per Click campaign assessment)
    arrival time
    exit time
    exit page
    IP address
    Number of clicks on the site (accuracy is not 100% as this is recorded based on session ID)
    Products viewed
    Customer ID (if signed in)
    Order ID (if order was placed)
    Were products added to cart (true/false)
    Did the customer Checkout (true/false)
    This allows lots of interesting reports to be generated about customer activity on your site, without the need of a 3rd party service, such as :
    Question which supertracker can currently help you answer are the following:
    How do my customers find my site?
    Which referring sites generate the most sales?
    Are there any trends to the pages on which baulking customers leaving without completing their purchase?
    Am I getting enough visitors from the countries I am targetting?
    Is my Pay Per Click Campaign delivering pay customers, rather than just expensive hits?
    Current Reports Available are as follows:
    Top Referrers
    Top Sales Generating Referrers
    Top Exit Pages (No Sale)
    Top Exit Pages (No Sale, but added to cart)
    Search Keywords Used
    Average Clicks on Site by referrer
    Average Time Spent on Site by referrer
    Last Ten Visitors
    Remember, this is just a beta version, so it's quite unpolished, but generally functional. The idea is to get feedback, develop, improve, etc.
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    equilla got a reaction from SypePecezen in Supertracker Development   
    At someone else's suggestion, I have set up this development thread for Supertracker. The idea is that questions/suggestions/feedback regarding future requirements and improvements for Supertracker should be posted and discussed here.
    If you have an issue with getting the current edition of Supertracker to work, please post your problem to the Supertracker Support Thread, which you can find here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=166141
    OK, so this would be a suitable juncture at which to reveal what is in the version which I am about to upload (I needed to upload a new one to sort out proper copyright/licence text in the files, etc anyway):-
    1. Improvement to the appearance/layout of the admin screen (probably still needs more work though)
    2. Info about number of rows in Supertracker database table displayed in admin screen, with the ability to delete the oldest x rows (x is entered into a text box).
    3. Basic reporting information screen for number of hits referred through PPC campaigns - stats at both campaign level and keyword level possible. This has to be configured both in Supertracker and, of course, within your PPC provider's control panel.
    4. Summary report breaking down the % of overall visitors by country.
    5. I have now switched the ip to country conversion on the catalog side, rather than the admin side. The IP address of a visitor really only needs to be evaluated once, and can then be stored in the database alongside their other data. Converting the IP address to give country information represents a large, unnecessary processing overhead, particularly when running new reports such as summary of % of visitors by country (see above) which can time out using the current methods with database tables that have over about 15,000 rows. For existing users the new download package includes an update script which sorts out aligning their databases to cope with the new structure for this, and the stuff which follows below.
    6. Added tracking for which categories have been viewed. This might be useful information because at the moment an exit page shown as "index.php" does not necessarily mean the customer left on the front page of the site, but may have been viewing product category listings. Also, it may come in handy for finding categories that are not often viewed by customers.
    7. Added tracking for what was in the customers cart when they left (if the added to cart). Not sure if this is strictly necessary - it may just add to the torture when seeing what sales have not been converted, but it's there now!
    I may soon also add an option to stop the system recording hits from your own IP address.
    For the longer term, I have some other ideas of things that need to be improved, but I'd be interested to hear what people think about this one. What I have in mind is a wizard/report thingy that takes some of the manual assessment out of the results generated by Supertracker. We have potentially a lot of data here to make sense of, and perhaps for the less experienced person some of the significance of it can be missed. What I have in mind is a one-click process that analyses everything and generates plain text advice based on the result (which would include looking at other stuff as well as the Supertracker data). For example, you could imaging the following kinds of output:
    - 40% of visitors who added products to their cart left at the page login.php. If you are selling products which are of a highly personal nature, perhaps you need to consider adding the PWA contribution....
    - 90% of customers do not add products to their carts. As your product descriptions are an average of 30 characters in length, perhaps they do not have confidence in what they are buying. You should consider providing more detailed product descriptions.
    - Your overall conversion rate for PPC campaigns is 3%. On average, PPC referrals result in 2 clicks on the site. Perhaps you are receiving referrals from people who are looking for a different kind of store. You should consider revising your trigger keywords for your PPC campaigns.
    Well, the above may not be polished, but you get the idea - Thoughts...?