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  1. Top_Speed

    Shipping Tax not charged in linkpoint API

    Same problem w LinkPoint API
  2. Top_Speed


    *Plus* 1) Any reason why I have a name on the banned list twice? I looked and the customer only has one acct setup. 2) (in the Banned customer right side box) "Attempted Use: (If checked, trying to connect)" does not seem to work for me. If checked it won't stay. Also shouldn't this be on the other side when you create the banned person. (ie) you may only want to be notified if the person tries to login but not ban him? I edited the lang file to define the above... TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN05/18/2011 TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN_MEMBER define('TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN', 'Date: '); define('TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN_MEMBER', 'Date Banned: '); ^^ But not sure on you verbiage you wanted ^^ Thanks Jack :)
  3. Top_Speed


    Hi Jack! Installed your contrib as it looks very useful. Didn't know if I missed a lang file or update? I checked in your admin/incl/lang/eng/blacklist.php and couldn't find theme. (In the Admin Blacklist Controllers Screen) all language is defined correctly except: TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN05/18/2011 TEXT_INFO_DATE_BAN_MEMBER Thanks Jack, hope all has been going well w you and your family :) KJ
  4. Top_Speed

    Payment Module for First Data?

    Yes, they still have it in the Contrib section as "LinkPoint API". Use same module as Link Point API now just superseded by First Data name.
  5. Top_Speed

    Linkpoint API Problems

    Breezing through these posts, it seems a lot of folks may want the credit card number not recorded to their orders or database. Easy fix! /checkout_process.php Find--> 'cc_number' => $order->info['cc_number'], Change to--> // default; stored whole card in db: 'cc_number' => $order->info['cc_number'], 'cc_number' => substr($order->info['cc_number'], -4), This will then show only the last 4 numbers of the Card for matching purposes. Cheers!
  6. My MaxMind is NOT to blame (thankfully as I like it alot!) The dang images/banner dir got hacked (php shell file that can see all site pages :( I got an htaccess now that will only accept what file types I want in there. I'm sure as I write this some idiot somewhere is figuring another backdoor in. They suck, get a real job and make your money honestly!
  7. I have updated to the last upload (2.0) of this contrib and all of a sudden we have rec'd a ton of calls on compromised Credit Cards. I have since lifted the Credit Card module. We have never, never had a complaint up till now and we take 20-50 orders a day one of my sites. Has anybody else experienced anything like this after 2.0 Maxmind was installed?? I hope it's something else but you know how easy it would be to upload an altered (a so called updated) version only to have the credit card numbers go to the frauders instead of Maxmind? (or sent to both!) An easy edit of the checkout_process.php or orders.php where the CC call is made. I haven't checked coding yet (and the new so called SQL update) as I have been fielding calls ;( PLUS I'm sure if this has been compromised they have hidden it pretty good within the code. Also why is Maxminds address Waltham MA. but their listed fax is out way out west? Very worried here as I take my customer frustration as my own.
  8. Top_Speed

    Imprint Text Options

    Hi Jack, yep been a long time... still going strong, i try to keep the airwaves clear for those in need of yours and others excellent help & responses. Good to see your still here!! Your spot on (as usual). The orders_products wasn't updated (been this way for years! lol). I guess this contrib changed how it reads from the db on orders model#. THe long sku's were chopped off and this is what caused the 1064's. I now can go back and edit the invoice to add on the longer sku and the old invoices are fine. The new invoices are already correct thanks to YOU!! Great work, hope things r going well w/ you and you family! TC, -KJ
  9. Top_Speed

    Imprint Text Options

    Hi Jack and ecommers, I have a unique situation with this contrib. (On an existing Invoice with a items "products_model" over 12 characters) ps. the db is set for 20 chars Product XYZ model_XYZ123456 All other functions work great, all invoices, packing lists load except on long(er) than 12 model numbered items. Hope there's an answer, I like the contrib :) Many Pre-Thanks, KJ ------- UPDATE ------- It's something in the admin/orders.php i believe? I backed up the copy and went back to it and i don't get the error.
  10. Top_Speed

    Orders attached to wrong customer after payment

    ...Above along with this altercation in includes/application_top.php
  11. Top_Speed

    Orders attached to wrong customer after payment

    hmm.. Isn't there already a "Recreate Session" switch in Configuration/Sessions? here is the help text associated with it: Recreate the session to generate a new session ID when the customer logs on or creates an account (PHP >=4.1 needed).
  12. Top_Speed

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Hi James, Been so busy since this contrib I actually forgot about that :) At one of my busiest sites; Go Kart shop I field anywhere from 35 to 100 orders per day (quite busy considering a weekend (monday am) can land upwards of 400 orders) and have found that the few recurring orders that have created accounts a long time ago are few, when this happens I have one the girls in the office correct their accounts at that time. My usage: I had this idea in place for quite sometime before I actually shared this with the community; so I don't have a lot of old records that get re-used that need to be corrected. It's not perfect and I'm not sure with the English language (as crazy as it is) it ever can be perfect. A MYSQL.php file could be wrote and executed to do this database rewrite but I (personally) don't want the trial & error as I deleted my test shop almost a year ago when I changed to a dedicated sever. Hope you understand my position (if it works, hey don't try to fix it). Cheers All! KJ
  13. Top_Speed

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    As said previously in posts, you would need to change your ISO character set (currently coded in as 128 ASCII, AKA normal English typeset character) to one that accepts the characters (Umlauts, Latin, Chinese, Symbolic etc.) you wish. Then ad the desired characters to the exception list and it will ignore the following (trailing) character and won't try to capitalize. e.g. MüLler will then come out: Müller b/c you have "ü" in as an exception. Both these changes are (altered) in: catalog\includes\functions\account_word_cleaner.php (function file) I can't clarify it anymore than this (2 easy steps) __Change the Character set in catalog\includes\functions\account_word_cleaner.php __Add "your" character exceptions in catalog\includes\functions\account_word_cleaner.php (make sure they will match up with the set you changed to in the function file above)
  14. Top_Speed

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Thanks magic But the call was already documented for catalog/checkout_payment_address.php. I reverted the install.txt file back to the original as you had a duplicate include_once call. Cheers KJ
  15. Top_Speed

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    As an add on, depending on your decoding You may want to experiment with the special characters in ASCII format