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  1. winfm

    Multiple Sales Channels

    What will be the cost for eBay integration app?
  2. winfm

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    Hi Rainer @raiwa, I've installed Wholesale Lite Version 4.3.0 on clean Phoenix php 7.3.12 and followed the mandatory base installation steps Modules => Customer Data => Wholesale. There's another module Wholesale Account present, is this also mandatory? With just the Wholesale module installed the Customer Group can be selected but there is error message above the drop down menu: ( ! ) Notice: Undefined variable: input_id in D:\wamp\www\catalogue\includes\modules\customer_data\templates\tpl_cd_whole_row_input.php on line 14 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0006412440{main}( )...\customers.php:0 20.1524955448cd_wholesale->display_input( )...\customers.php:142 30.1527956968include( 'D:\wamp\www\catalogue\includes\modules\customer_data\templates\tpl_cd_whole_row_input.php' )...\cd_wholesale.php:87 " class="col-form-label col-sm-3 text-left text-sm-right">Customer Group Any guidance is much appreciated. win
  3. @raiwa, Now working fine with multi currencies store. Thanks very much.
  4. Hi, When my store has multiple currencies (USD and EUR) the calculation of order total is correct for default (USD). Order total in EUR is incorrect. This addon v2.0.1 installed on BS CE Frozen. Set default USD as 1.0 and EUR as 0.5 See screen grab below. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Hi, Thanks for putting together such a great addition to osc bs. I've just updated to v1.2 and note that once the Shopping Points Redemptions checkbox is ticked I can no longer choose to not use points as partial payment, even though I uncheck the tickbox. For example, I choose Cash on Delivery and Points and go to the Order Confirmation page but decide to edit the Payment Method to be only be CoD the points are still active. Any suggestions why this is? Are changes to the Admin / Configuration / Sessions required? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, Have upgraded to oscommerce bs edge using paypal app, payment module Paypal Payments Standard. Orders placed in default currency show item details in paypal payment. If checkout with non-default currency paypal only shows the store name and quantity of one. Any ideas why this is? Thanks
  7. winfm

    OSC 2.3 order editor?

    Hiya, Having similar issues. For the first one I deleted lines: <!-- Comment Toolbar 4.0 bof //--> <tr> <td><?php include ("comment_bar.php"); ?></td> </tr> <!-- Comment Toolbar 4.0 eof //--> from admin/edit_orders.php as these lines weren't in v1.0, i think it relates to contribution Admin Comments Toolbar 4.0 The second issue i moved the line require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'template_top.php'); to below <?php include('order_editor/css.php'); I have set Ajax as false but I still encounter an error if I tick the checkbox and click update. ok if clicking update with ticking checkbox. I think ticking the checkbox requires a further contribution to be installed so i suppose i can remove the checkboxes.